Alaskan Killer Bigfoot Season 2 Release Date

Summary: Fans of the hit reality TV series, Alaskan Killer Bigfoot, rejoiced on the announcement of its second season. Here are some important things to know for the upcoming release date.

1. The Release Date

The official release date for Alaskan Killer Bigfoot season 2 is set for July 10, 2021. This announcement was made on the show’s official Facebook and Instagram pages. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this news, as season 1 left viewers with many unanswered questions.

The new season will consist of 6 episodes, each focusing on different encounters with the elusive creature known as Bigfoot in Alaska. The teaser trailer for the show promises more suspense, danger, and thrills than ever before.

Set a reminder and prepare to binge-watch the entire season for a non-stop thrilling adventure of hunting down one of the most deadliest creatures in the world.

2. New Hosts Joining the Show

Viewer’s favorite host Ronny Leblanc will be back to lead the team on their mission to capture evidence of Bigfoot. However, he will not be alone. This season will feature two new co-hosts, Dr. Daryl Owen, a wildlife biologist, and Ingrid Johnson, an experienced wilderness tracker.

The addition of these two experts provides a fresh perspective on how to track and hunt down Bigfoot. The team will use various techniques like analyzing scat and hair samples to determine if they belong to Bigfoot.

With new skills and strategies in their arsenal, let’s hope they will finally catch the enigma that is the Alaskan Killer Bigfoot this season.

3. New Locations for the Show

The first season of Alaskan Killer Bigfoot primarily focused on Southeastern Alaska, where many Bigfoot sightings have occurred. But this upcoming season will introduce new locations such as the northern arctic coast and the interior Alaskan wilderness.

This change of location will provide a fresh challenge for the team as it brings Bigfoot to new terrain. The interior Alaskan wilderness is known to be one of the most treacherous terrains in the world, and it’s never been explored by Bigfoot researchers. The arctic coast poses its own challenges like extreme cold temperatures and severe weather.

The addition of these new locations provides an opportunity for the team to discover and learn more about the potential existence of Bigfoot in regions never before explored.

4. The Focus on the “Killer” Bigfoot

Last season, we learned that Alaskan Killer Bigfoot, dubbed as the deadliest Bigfoot in the world, has now become a huge threat to the towns near its habitat. There have been numerous reports of killings, destruction, and missing people around Southeastern Alaska which were believed to be caused by this creature.

This season will focus mainly on the dangers and threats posed by the “killer” Bigfoot. The team will try to track and capture the creature to protect the people from its wrath. We can expect intense encounters in every episode, and hopefully, it will provide some answers on the real nature of this Bigfoot.

This will also put the team’s safety at risk as they hunt down one of the most dangerous creatures on earth.

5. The Show’s Legal Battles

The production of the first season was brought to the court after several hunters claimed that the show’s crew disturbed their hunting operations. This resulted in the state of Alaska having to examine its regulations regarding filming of hunting operations.

In season 2, the show’s production team made sure they followed every hunting regulation required by the state. This way, the show will not face further issues or litigation.

Season 2 promises to be much smoother in terms of legal issues and will lead to a much better viewing experience for fans.


The release of Alaskan Killer Bigfoot’s second season is highly anticipated by fans everywhere. With new locations, hosts, techniques, and a focus on the “killer” Bigfoot, the show promises to be even more thrilling than its first season.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the July 10th release date and get ready to embark on a wild ride with Ronny Leblanc and the rest of the team as they pursue the truth behind the deadliest Bigfoot in the world.

So, grab your remote control and snacks, and get ready to binge-watch six-episode of Alaskan Killer Bigfoot season 2 now.

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