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Summary: Annie Murphy is a Canadian actress best known for her Emmy-winning role in the TV series Schitt’s Creek. One aspect that often gets attention about her is her height. Standing at 5’7″, she is taller than the average woman. Let’s take a closer look at Annie Murphy’s height and what it means for her career and personal life.

1. Her Height Compared to Other Celebrities

Annie Murphy’s height of 5’7″ puts her on the taller side compared to most female celebrities. For example, Taylor Swift, who is also 5’7″, is often considered tall, while many actresses are closer to 5’4″ or 5’5″. However, compared to male actors, Murphy’s height is relatively average. This has not seemed to hold her back in her career, as she has been able to play many roles without her height being a major factor.

In fact, her height has even helped her stand out in some cases. For example, in Schitt’s Creek, she played Alexis Rose, a privileged and confident young woman who often wore high heels to emphasize her height. Murphy’s natural height added to the character’s overall appearance and attitude.

Overall, while Annie Murphy may be seen as tall compared to some celebrities, it has not been a major defining aspect of her career.

2. The Importance of Height in Hollywood

Height can play a significant role in Hollywood, particularly for women. There is often pressure to appear smaller and more delicate, with actresses sometimes wearing heels or standing on boxes to appear shorter. This can make it difficult for taller actresses to get roles or be taken seriously.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Some actresses, such as Sigourney Weaver or Nicole Kidman, have been able to have successful careers despite being taller than the norm. In recent years, there has also been more emphasis on body positivity and acceptance of diverse body types in Hollywood.

Annie Murphy’s height has not seemed to hinder her career in any way. She has been able to play a range of roles, from comedic to dramatic, and has been praised for her performances.

3. How Annie Murphy’s Height Has Affected Her Personal Life

Being taller than average can sometimes lead to insecurity or self-consciousness, particularly for women. However, Annie Murphy has spoken openly about embracing her height and viewing it as a positive aspect of herself. In one interview, she said, “I’d never been confident enough to wear heels until Alexis Rose came along. Now I think it’s such a fun thing!”

Murphy’s confidence in her height can be inspiring for others who may feel self-conscious about their appearance. She has also been a vocal advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance, using her platform to speak out against unrealistic beauty standards.

In terms of her personal life, Annie Murphy is married to music artist Menno Versteeg and they seem to have a happy and healthy relationship. Their marriage has not been impacted by her height, as they are both comfortable with each other just the way they are.

4. The Role of Height in Acting

While height can play a role in Hollywood, it is not always a defining factor in acting. Many actors and actresses are able to fully embody their characters regardless of their height. For example, Tom Cruise, who is only 5’7″, has played a variety of roles that range in height. Similarly, Emma Stone, who is 5’6″, has played both taller and shorter characters with ease.

In Annie Murphy’s case, her height has not held her back from being able to fully embody the characters she plays. She has shown a range of emotions and physicality in her roles, proving that height is not always a defining factor in acting.

Ultimately, while height can be important in certain situations, it is not always a defining factor in an actor’s career.


Overall, Annie Murphy’s height of 5’7″ has not hindered her career in any way. While it may make her stand out compared to some female celebrities, it has not impacted her ability to play diverse roles or be taken seriously as an actress. In fact, her natural height has even helped her stand out in some cases, adding to the overall appearance and attitude of her characters. As a confident and vocal advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance, Annie Murphy’s height has not affected her personal life or relationships. Ultimately, while height can play a role in Hollywood, it is not always a defining factor in an actor’s career or personal life.

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