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Summary: Anu Menon is a popular Indian comedian, writer, and director known for her witty stand-up comedy performances and her work on films and web series. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of her career and explore what makes her unique.

1. Early Life and Education

Anu Menon was born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She completed her schooling from Good Shepherd Convent School and later pursued her degree in Communication Studies at Mount Carmel College in Bangalore. During her college days, Anu participated in theatre and acted in several plays. After graduation, she moved to Mumbai and began her journey as a filmmaker.

She started off by directing commercials and music videos before taking up the role of a creative producer at Channel V. Her stint at Channel V helped her explore different facets of the entertainment industry, and she realized her passion for comedy. This led her to plunge into the world of stand-up comedy, where she found her niche.

In 2009, Anu Menon started performing stand-up comedy shows under the pseudonym Lola Kutty. Her alter ego ‘Lola Kutty’ was inspired by a fictitious character she created while working at Channel V, where she donned a saree and spoke with a heavy Malayali accent. Her Lola Kutty character soon gained popularity, and she began performing sold-out shows across India, earning a dedicated fanbase.

2. Stand-Up Comedy Career

Anu Menon’s style of comedy is observational, witty, and sarcastic. She draws inspiration from her daily life experiences, pop culture references, and societal norms. Her comedy sets revolve around themes such as marriage, relationships, parenthood, and gender stereotypes. One of the unique aspects of her comedy is that it often has a feminist undertone that resonates with audiences worldwide.

She has performed at several high-profile comedy events and festivals, both in India and abroad. In 2010, she was chosen as one of the top ten comedians to watch out for by The Times of India. She has also appeared on popular comedy shows such as Comedy Central’s Stand-up, Asia! and Amazon Prime Video’s Comicstaan, where she served as a mentor to the contestants.

Over the years, Anu Menon has released several stand-up comedy specials, including Lola Kutty Live (2014) and Wonder Menon (2020). Her latest Netflix release, An hour long stand-up special Wonder Menon, is a hilarious take on her life experiences as a woman in India.

3. Filmography

Anu Menon has dabbled in all aspects of filmmaking, including directing, writing, acting, and producing. She made her directorial debut with the film London, Paris, New York (2012), which starred Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari in the lead roles. The film revolved around a couple’s journey across three cities and was praised for its unique storytelling format.

She later went on to write and direct the critically acclaimed film Waiting (2015), starring Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin. The film was widely appreciated for its nuanced performances, realistic portrayal of relationships, and sensitive handling of complex emotions.

In recent years, Anu Menon has been associated with several successful web series such as Four More Shots Please!, Made in Heaven, and The Family Man, where she has served as a writer and director.

4. Women in Comedy

Being a woman in comedy is not easy, and Anu Menon has faced her fair share of challenges. In an industry dominated by men, women are often dismissed or stereotyped. However, Anu Menon has broken through all barriers and established herself as one of the leading female comedians in India.

Through her work, she has challenged gender stereotypes and highlighted the struggles of women across different age groups. She is a firm believer in using comedy as a tool for social change and has never shied away from discussing taboo topics such as menstruation and sexuality.

Anu Menon’s success has paved the way for many young women who aspire to make a career in comedy. She has become a role model for several aspiring comedians who look up to her as an inspiration.

5. Personal Life

Despite being a public figure, Anu Menon has always kept her personal life away from the limelight. She is married, and the couple has a daughter together. In one of her comedy sketches, Anu spoke about the struggles of balancing motherhood and work, highlighting the difficulties faced by working mothers in India.

In her interviews, Anu has often reflected on her journey as a comedian and the challenges she faced in her initial days. She believes that success is a result of persistence, hard work, and talent.

Off screen, she is known to be a bubbly and vivacious person who loves exploring new places and trying out new cuisines. She is a travel enthusiast and often shares snippets of her journeys on social media.


Anu Menon’s journey as a comedian, filmmaker, and writer has been nothing short of inspiring. Through her work, she has challenged societal norms, celebrated feminism, and given a voice to the underrepresented sections of society. Her unique style of comedy, coupled with her immense talent, has earned her a dedicated fan following and established her as one of the leading artists in the entertainment industry. Her success story is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and determination.

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