Archons Movie

Summary: Archons is a Canadian science fiction movie released in 2018. The film was directed by Nick Szostakiwskyj and produced by Brock Manwill. Archons is an allegorical movie with many surreal elements that explore drug addiction, loss, and self-discovery.

1. Sci-fi Elements of Archons

Archons is set in the Canadian wilderness, deep in an ancient forest. The protagonist, Oliver, is a DJ who becomes addicted to a fictional drug called Zygo. The sci-fi element comes to life when he enters an alternate universe, encountering two goddesses and a group of characters that test his morality. The special effects are subtle but captivating, creating a mesmerizing environment that immerses the viewer into the story.

This theme is further developed when Oliver finds himself trapped in a parallel universe, not knowing if it is real or just another hallucination. This aspect adds a sense of tension to the movie and captivates the viewer, waiting for Oliver to untangle himself from his surreal experiences.

The cast is equally impressive, with each character portraying their role perfectly. The movie tries to create a unique vibe from its actors, and it works well for them. The film starts slow but soon grows its momentum, setting up for an unforgettable finale.

2. Allegory and Symbolism

Archons is replete with allegories and symbolism that is deeply concerning topics like mental health, loneliness, and substance abuse. The film portrays the spiral of drug addiction Oliver goes through, and the various people he encounters resemble those he meets in real life, such as dealers, enablers, and users.

The director’s attention to detail is also evident in the rich tapestry of allegories used throughout the film. For instance, the Zygo drug symbolizes the unpredictable and selfish nature of addiction, while the Archon God signifies the various manifestations of mental illness. The film uses a unique mixture of surrealism and symbolism to create an experience that demands reflection upon oneself.

The movie’s overall message is entirely up for interpretation, with some finding it to be a warning against substance abuse and others seeing it as a commentary on the human condition. Regardless of one’s interpretation, Archons raises essential questions around mental health and substance abuse, making it a compelling watch.

3. Music and Soundtrack

A significant theme explored in Archons is the sonic landscape created by the central character, Oliver. As a DJ, Oliver creates music that draws people in and offers an escape from reality. The film’s use of music is impressive, creating a dynamic soundscape that parallels the story’s cosmic weirdness and surreality. The film’s music composer, Neil Haverty, does an excellent job of using diegetic and non-diegetic sound in the movie, giving it life and emotional depth.

The soundtrack features music from a variety of genres, such as electronica, house, and disco. The music fits the mood and scene perfectly, immersing the viewer into the world of Archons. Each song used in the movie complements one another, resulting in a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience that accurately captures the essence of the film.

Moreover, the sound design of the movie also creates an immersive sense of horror, adding to the film’s tension and atmosphere. The low-frequency rumble that runs throughout the movie easily sets the audience’s hearts racing, increasing their excitement and anticipation for what is to come.

4. Character Development

The character development of Archons is subtle but poignant. Oliver’s need to escape his problems through the use of drugs showcases the adverse effects of addiction, and how it can lead one to inflicting harm on oneself. The supporting characters also have their stories that reveal themselves throughout the movie, such as Susan, one of the parallel universe’s goddesses, and her sense of loneliness.

The film uses parallel universes as a metaphor for regression, showing how the choices we make in life can slowly put us in a trap. The characters’ development shows how the film’s various themes converge, creating an experience of personal reflection for the viewer. The climax of the movie showcases the characters’ progress throughout the story, leaving the audience reflective about their journey.

The attention to detail is evident in the portrayal of the characters, which, when combined with the allegories and use of surrealism, creates a unique and mind-bending adventure.

5. Cinematography and Visuals

The visuals of Archons are alluring, from the lush green forest where the movie takes place to the traditional attire of the otherworldly characters. The camera work and angles are expertly crafted, creating a visual extravaganza that immerses viewers in the film’s narrative entirely.

The director shows remarkable prowess in the use of subliminal visual cues to communicate hidden meanings. For example, the car, which appears multiple times in the movie, symbolizes Oliver’s constant need to flee and avoid his problems. The images used in the alternate universe are equally impressive, giving the film a unique visual identity and otherworldly feel.

Moreover, the use of practical effects over CGI gives the film a gritty and realistic tone, making it a grounded sci-fi experience that everyone can enjoy. The use of color pallets also immerses the viewer into the film’s story, and the vibrant greens and bright reds give the movie a psychedelic feel that accurately portrays Oliver’s drug-induced world.


Archons is a must-watch for those seeking fresh and surreal film experiences. The film’s unique blend of allegory, symbolism, and science fiction elements creates an experience that is both immersive and thought-provoking. The movie’s themes of mental health, loneliness, and substance abuse are relevant and crucial, making it a film of substance that leaves a lasting impact on viewers. The attention to detail in the visuals and sound design makes the film stand out from other sci-fi movies, creating an experience that is both visually stunning and intellectually engaging. Overall, Archons is a cinematic masterpiece that deserves a spot on everyone’s watchlist.

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