Ariana Grande Ff Brave Exvius

Summary: Ariana Grande, the pop sensation, has guest-starred in a mobile game called Brave Exvius. Fans of both Ariana and the game have been thrilled by this collaboration. Players can enjoy special in-game events, quests, musical scores, and more featuring Ariana Grande herself. Let’s dive deeper into Ariana Grande’s appearance in Brave Exvius.

1. The Collaboration

Ariana Grande’s appearance in Brave Exvius is not just any ordinary cameo but a full-fledged collaboration. This partnership was announced in early 2017 delighting both fans of the game and Ariana herself. In Brave Exvius, players can access exclusive in-game events that feature elements from the music video of Ariana’s famous song, “Touch It.” These events are not limited to just aesthetics, but it also comes with new challenges and items for players to obtain.

The collaboration also extended to the game’s music score. Ariana Grande made an original track called “Touch It – Brave Exvius Remix,” which features in the game. Players can listen to it on the main menu or whenever they are fighting a boss battle. This scoring also serves as a nod to Ariana’s love for games and her fascination with Final Fantasy in particular.

The collaboration also included a special character designed based on Ariana’s signature look. The character was named “Dangerous Ariana,” and it came in two variants — black and white. Players had the opportunity to earn and add these characters to their roster during the event’s course.

2. Dangerous Woman Tour

The partnership between Brave Exvius and Ariana Grande did not just exist in the virtual world but the real world too. The game sponsored Ariana’s tour “The Dangerous Woman Tour,” and as part of the promotion, a video ad featuring Dangerous Ariana was broadcasted during the concerts. It was an exciting opportunity for the game’s audience to see their favorite character come to life and connect with like-minded people.

Moreover, Brave Exvius launched a “The Dangerous Woman Tour” Sweepstake, giving fans a chance to win a trip to see Ariana’s concert live. During the same duration, another event was happening in the game, where players had a chance to earn a rare item called “Dangerous Ariana’s Hat,” which gave the characters that sported it powerful abilities. The winners of the real-world sweepstake were also gifted this exclusive item and many more rewards from the game.

The tour and the game’s collaboration aimed to bring together people who love games, music, and Ariana Grande. This synergy successfully created a newfound appreciation among Brave Exvius players for Ariana’s music, while at the same time, introducing the game to hundreds of thousands of new fans.

3. Benefits for Fans

The partnership between Ariana Grande and Brave Exvius came with many benefits for everyone involved. Fans of the game were thrilled to have a new character that was exclusive to the event. The challenging event stage that came with the character incentivized players to keep logging in and earning more rewards. Moreover, the new character added an element of excitement to the game that was missing before.

Ariana’s existing fans also got to experience her music in a new way. The track that she made specifically for the game was an instant hit with both her fans and players of the game. The exclusive in-game events that featured elements from her music video created hype among her fans, furthering the game’s reach beyond just the gaming community.

Finally, the game developers benefitted from the collaboration as well. Collaborations with pop icons bring significant brand visibility, and the Ariana Grande event did just that. Hundreds of thousands of players who had not played the game before gave it a try simply because of the Ariana Grande collaboration event. This experiment helped the developers identify a new segment of audiences who may be interested in the game.

4. Pop Icons and Gaming Industry

Ariana Grande’s appearance in Brave Exvius is not unique. Many more pop icons are appearing in video games of various genres in recent times. The reason for this trend is simple — games have become mainstream entertainment that attracts audiences from all walks of life. The gaming industry has overtaken many traditional means of entertainment in terms of profitability. Collaborating with pop icons help developers attract more audiences to their games. Moreover, the collaborations themselves act as an excellent marketing campaign to get people talking about games.

Ariana Grande’s case is especially interesting, given her openness about her love for games, anime, and other forms of pop culture that were once considered niche. Fans of hers have found a new way to connect with her through this partnership with the gaming industry.

The gaming industry and pop icons partnerships are not likely to end soon, and fans can expect more such collaborations in the future.


Ariana Grande and Brave Exvius collaboration event successfully brought together two sets of audiences that may otherwise never engage with each other. The exclusive events, character, and music scoring introduced Ariana Grande’s fan base to the mobile game while increasing the game’s reach. The partnership was beneficial for everyone involved, with Brave Exvius players receiving exciting content, Ariana getting more visibility, and the game developers identifying new audiences. The collaboration acts as yet another example of the gaming industry’s massive reach and the ability to engage with a diverse audience.

Fans can continue to expect more such exciting collaborations between gaming and pop icons in the future as both industries continue to grow and evolve.

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