Ariana Grande Halloween 2017

Summary: Ariana Grande made headlines this Halloween with her epic costume and party filled with celebrities. This article will explore the details of her festivities, her costume, and the reactions it received from fans.

1. The Costume

Ariana Grande has always been known for her sense of style, and her Halloween costume did not disappoint. She dressed up as a popular character from the film “The Twilight Zone,” specifically as the character Emily from the episode “Eye of the Beholder.” Her costume included a full headpiece and prosthetics to match the character’s disfigured face. Fans were amazed by the attention to detail and accuracy.

Grande revealed on Instagram that the costume took three hours to complete, with the help of Hollywood makeup artist Tony Gardner. The makeup used was not your typical Halloween store fare – it was actually prosthetics made specially for Grande. She also shared a photo of the script for the episode that she used as reference material while getting dressed.

The costume was a hit among fans and other celebrities alike. Many praised her for the dedication to the character and the immense amount of time it must have taken to complete.

2. The Party

Ariana Grande’s Halloween party was the event to be at this past October 31st. Celebrities from all over attended, including Lizzo, Nikita Dragun, and even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Grande’s house was transformed into a haunted mansion, complete with spooky décor and a fog machine.

Photos and videos from the party were all over social media, showcasing the incredible atmosphere and costumes worn by the guests. Grande herself looked stunning in a black dress and pearl necklace, paying homage to Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” She also changed into another costume later in the night, a cowgirl outfit that had fans wishing they were there to see it.

The party was not without its controversy, however. Fans criticized Grande for hosting a large gathering during a pandemic, with many saying it set a bad example and went against public health guidelines. Grande later took to Instagram to apologize for any harm caused and thanked those who called her out for their concern.

3. The Reactions

Fans were blown away by Ariana Grande’s Halloween costume and party, flooding social media with compliments and admiration. Many praised her dedication to detail and her sense of style. One fan wrote, “Ariana Grande doing the lord’s work with this Halloween costume.” Another said, “Emily from ‘The Twilight Zone’ deserves a Grammy for Best Costume, International Male or Female.”

Celebrities also expressed their love for the festivities. Kim Kardashian shared several photos on her Instagram story, captioning them with “Halloween at @arianagrande” and “OMG, I love Ariana’s house and decor.” Lizzo also shared a video of herself dancing at the party alongside Grande, showcasing the incredible atmosphere and fun that was had.

However, not all the reactions were positive. As previously mentioned, fans called out Grande for hosting a large gathering during a pandemic. While some defended her, others felt that she had set a bad example and put herself and others at risk. Despite these criticisms, it seems that Grande’s Halloween was a success overall.


Ariana Grande’s Halloween 2017 was one for the books. Her epic costume and incredible party showcased her dedication to her craft and her impeccable sense of style. Although controversy arose regarding the gathering during a pandemic, it did not completely overshadow the amazing event that Grande created. Fans and celebrities alike were blown away by the festivities, making it a Halloween to remember.

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