Ariana Grande Laked

Summary: Ariana Grande made headlines after being photographed on a lake trip with her rumored boyfriend, Dalton Gomez. The singer looked happy and relaxed while enjoying time with her close friends and family.

1. The Lake Trip

Ariana Grande celebrated the end of summer in style by taking a lake trip with her friends and family. The pop icon was spotted having a great time with her loved ones while soaking up the sun on a luxurious boat.

The singer looked incredible wearing a white bikini, with her hair styled in a low ponytail. She completed the look with a pair of sunglasses, making her look effortlessly gorgeous.

Ariana’s rumored boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, was also present on the trip. Despite trying to keep their relationship private, the couple was seen standing close together, cuddling, and holding hands.

2. The Photoshoot

The ‘Positions’ hitmaker did not miss an opportunity to capture the moment. Along with her sister, Frankie Grande, and their friends Zach Sang and Aaron Simon Gross, Ariana posed for hilarious and candid photos to share with her fans on social media.

The photos feature the group in various playful poses, such as Ariana pretending to push Frankie into the water and her holding up a peace sign while surrounded by her friends.

The pictures also show how much fun the group had during their lake trip, with laughter and smiles evident on everyone’s faces. The snaps captured some fantastic memories that will undoubtedly bring joy to the singer and her loved ones for years to come.

3. The Significance of the Trip

The lake trip holds a particular significance for Ariana Grande. The trip took place around the one-year anniversary of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller’s death. Mac was a significant influence on Ariana’s music and personal life, making the anniversary understandably emotional for the singer.

The lake trip with her loved ones served as a reassuring reminder that Ariana has a strong support system and a circle of people who cherish her well-being. It was also a way to unwind and have some fun before her ‘Positions’ album drops in October.

Ariana’s time spent on the lake was a chance for her to decompress and indulge in self-care, which is essential for all of us to take a break from our hectic daily lives.


Ariana Grande’s lake trip with her friends and family was a beautiful way to end the summer. The singer looked relaxed and radiant, soaking up the sun, enjoying the company of her loved ones. The photoshoot, full of laughter and love, captured some wonderful memories that will surely bring joy to Ariana and her loved ones for years to come. In conclusion, the lake trip highlighted the importance of self-care and having a strong support system to get us through challenging times. And who wouldn’t want to seize the opportunity to make wonderful memories with their loved ones, just like Ariana Grande did?

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