Barney Best Fairy Tales

Summary: Barney has always been a widely loved character by children around the world. Over the years, he has been part of several fairy tales that teach important life lessons. Here are some of the best Fairy Tales featuring Barney.

1. Barney and the Beanstalk

In this classic tale, Barney takes on the role of Jack in the popular story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The story begins with Barney trying to sell his cow for some money but instead, he ends up trading it for some magic beans. His mother gets upset and throws the beans out of the window but overnight they grow into a giant beanstalk. Barney decides to climb it and discovers a castle filled with treasure. He is met by a giant who chases him down the beanstalk. In the end, Barney manages to chop the beanstalk down, defeating the giant and saving his family.

The moral of the story is that it’s important to be brave, work hard, and take risks even when things look impossible. The story teaches us that through determination and courage, we can overcome obstacles and achieve great things.

This is a great bedtime story that will entertain and inspire young children. They will learn the value of being brave and taking risks.

2. Barney and the Three Little Pigs

The story of the three little pigs is a classic tale about hard work and good planning. Barney takes on the role of the third little pig who builds his house with bricks. He is the only one who can withstand the huffing and puffing of the big bad wolf. The other two pigs build their houses with straw and sticks and the wolf easily blows them down.

Barney’s wise decision to invest time, effort, and resources into building a solid home with brick teaches children the value of hard work and preparation. The story emphasizes the importance of putting in the effort upfront so that we can enjoy long-term benefits and stability.

This classic story with a Barney twist is perfect for teaching children about wise decision-making, the value of planning and working hard to achieve great results.

3. Barney’s Red Riding Hood Adventure

Barney takes on the role of the wolf in this fairy tale twist. The story begins with Red Riding Hood on her journey through the forest to visit her sick grandmother. On her way, she meets the wolf (Barney) but is not scared of him as he seems friendly and harmless. The wolf asks where she’s going and Red Riding Hood tells him. He then suggests she should pick some flowers for her grandmother along the way.

At this point, we get to learn more about just how kind and thoughtful the wolf can be, making him a much more endearing character than in the original tale. He goes ahead of Red Riding Hood to the grandmother’s house, where he picks up some honey cakes for the old lady. When Red Riding Hood arrives, she compliments him on his kindness and they enjoy the treats together. Unfortunately, the original ending remains, and the hungry wolf ends up eating both Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

The moral of the story is to always be cautious and aware of strangers, no matter how friendly they seem. The story also teaches children to appreciate the people who care for them and the importance of staying safe from danger.

4. Barney’s Tortoise and the Hare Race

In this classic tale, Barney plays the role of the tortoise who races against a hare. As in the original story, the hare is overconfident and constantly stops to rest, assuming he will win easily. However, to his surprise, the tortoise never stops and ends up winning the race.

This story teaches children about the importance of perseverance, hard work, and dedication. Even when things seem impossible, it’s essential to stay focused, never give up and do the best we can. This story is a great example of how small amounts of effort put in every day can lead to great success over time.

The tortoise’s triumphant victory is an inspiring message for young children who are just learning about their capabilities.

5. Barney and Cinderella

In this classic story, Barney plays the role of the fairy godmother who grants Cinderella’s wish to go the ball. Like in the original story, Cinderella faces hardship and ridicule at the hands of her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. She dreams of going to the ball, but her step-family forbids it, leaving her feeling dejected and sad.

Barney comes to her rescue by magically transforming her rags into a beautiful gown and provides her with glass slippers for the big dance. Cinderella attends the ball and impresses everyone with her grace and beauty, including the prince (who doesn’t recognize who she is). In the end, the prince finds her and they live happily ever after.

This fairytale teaches children to never give up on their dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. It also illustrates the importance of kindness and compassion towards others.


In conclusion, these five Barney fairy tales are perfect for helping to instill good values in young children. They teach important life lessons such as bravery, hard work, and dedication. Through Barney’s playful and endearing character, children can learn valuable lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Their wonderful storytelling and interactive elements make them ideal for both bedtime stories and classroom reading sessions. So, the next time you are looking for some fun and educational entertainment for children, these Barney fairy tales should definitely be on your list.

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