Bastard Movie 2019

Summary: Bastard movie 2019 is a critically acclaimed film directed by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar. The film tells the story of a woman named Banu who is forced to choose between marrying her rapist or facing the shame and stigma associated with being an unmarried mother. Despite controversy for its brutal subject matter, the film has been praised for its excellent performances and powerful message.

1. Controversy and Criticism

The release of Bastard movie 2019 was met with controversy due to its sensitive subject matter. Many viewers and critics felt that the film was too violent and graphic, and that it glorified rape and abuse. Despite this criticism, director Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar defended the film, stating that it needed to be harsh in order to accurately depict the reality faced by many women in Pakistan.

Despite the controversy, Bastard movie 2019 has been praised by many critics for its powerful message and excellent performances. The film has been credited with bringing attention to the issue of rape and sexual violence in Pakistan, and for highlighting the need for better laws and protections for women.

Overall, while Bastard movie 2019 may be difficult to watch due to its subject matter, it is an important film that sheds light on a critical social issue.

2. Excellent Performances

Bastard movie 2019 boasts excellent performances from its lead actors. The film stars Amna Ilyas in the role of Banu, a woman who is forced to make a difficult choice after being raped. Ilyas delivers a powerful performance that accurately portrays Banu’s pain and anguish.

The film also stars Saima Baloch as Banu’s mother, who must navigate her own feelings of shame and guilt as she supports her daughter. Baloch’s performance is raw and emotional, and adds depth and complexity to the film.

Finally, newcomer Malik Riaz delivers a chilling performance as the rapist, making him both hateful and sympathetic at the same time. While difficult to watch, Riaz’s performance is key to the film’s impact.

3. Striking Cinematography

Bastard movie 2019 is visually stunning, with cinematography that is both haunting and beautiful. The film takes advantage of the stark desert landscapes of Pakistan to create a sense of isolation and despair. The use of shadows and light also adds to the film’s overall mood, creating an atmosphere of unease and tension.

The film’s visual style is complemented by its excellent soundtrack, which features haunting and emotional music that enhances the film’s already powerful message. Overall, Bastard movie 2019 is a truly remarkable film from a visual perspective.

4. Challenging Traditional Gender Roles

One of the most important aspects of Bastard movie 2019 is its challenge to traditional gender roles in Pakistani society. The film highlights the difficulty faced by women who are forced to navigate social expectations and norms, even when those expectations are harmful or oppressive.

Banu’s dilemma is a clear example of this. She is forced to choose between marrying her rapist – a man she hates and fears – or facing the shame and stigma associated with being an unmarried mother. This choice is made all the more difficult by the fact that Banu’s mother and other women in her community expect her to take the former path, even when it goes against her own wishes and well-being.

Overall, Bastard movie 2019 is an important film that challenges traditional gender roles and highlights the difficulties faced by women in Pakistan. Its message is powerful and important, and its impact will be felt for years to come.

5. A Call to Action

Bastard movie 2019 is not a film that simply tells a story – it is a call to action. The film highlights the urgent need for better laws and protections for women, and for a change in attitudes towards rape and sexual violence in Pakistan.

The film’s raw and honest portrayal of rape and its aftermath provides a powerful message to viewers, encouraging them to take action and demand change. By calling attention to this critical social issue, Bastard movie 2019 has helped to spark dialogue and drive change in Pakistan and around the world.

Overall, Bastard movie 2019 is a film that challenges us to look at ourselves and our society, and to work towards a better future for women everywhere.


Bastard movie 2019 is a remarkable film that deals with a difficult and sensitive subject matter. While it may be difficult to watch at times, the film is an important wake-up call for viewers, challenging us to confront the harsh realities that many women face every day. From its excellent performances to its striking cinematography, Bastard movie 2019 is a truly remarkable film that should be seen by anyone interested in social justice and equality.

Ultimately, the film’s message is clear: we must do better by women, and we must work together to create a world where rape and sexual violence are no longer tolerated. Bastard movie 2019 is an important step in that direction, and we can only hope that it inspires others to join the fight for a better world.

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