Ben Novack Jr Death Scene

Summary: The death of Ben Novack Jr., who was the heir to his father’s convention business, was tragic and gruesome. Ben Novack Jr. was found beaten to death in his hotel room at the Rye Town Hilton in New York on July 12, 2009.

1. The Murder Scene

The crime scene where Ben Novack Jr.’s body was discovered had blood spattered all over its walls, floors, and ceilings. The room was an utter mess, with furniture overturned and scattered across the floor. There were two rooms in Ben’s suite, and the other room was also found to be damaged. The police discovered that the killers had used a bat and dumbbell to beat Ben to death. However, the actual murder weapon has never been found yet.

The crime scene was so horrifying that the police were shocked by it. But instead of pointing them towards a possible suspect, the scene confused them, making it harder to determine who committed the murder. Investigators found a possibility that more than one person had committed the murder. They also discovered latex gloves that were not hers or Ben’s, which suggested someone else was present at the crime-scene.

The police immediately began an intensive investigation, hoping that they would find the culprit soon and bring them to justice.

2. The Possible Suspects

Just after the murder of Ben Novack Jr., the police looked for his wife, Narcy Novack, as the prime suspect. Narcy Novack married Ben when she was 28, but their marriage was going through a rough patch. It came to light that Ben’s murder occurred just days before he and Narcy were due to leave for a Bahamas vacation and just a couple of months after his mother died.

But there were no substantial pieces of evidence to hold her in custody. According to Narcy’s account, she found Ben dead when she returned to their penthouse after having breakfast with a friend. Narcy was not at the Rye Town Hilton when the murder occurred, and she had an alibi.

But soon after the investigation started, some people who had been close to the couple shared many secrets about their relationship. One story suggested that Narcy had hired hitmen to kill her husband. It later came to light that their marriage was a mess, characterized by infidelity, verbal abuse, and physical violence which made them an ideal suspect along with their employees, friends, or business associates.

3. The Motives

An investigation into Ben Novack Jr.’s death uncovered various motives for murder. After all, he had countless enemies due to his family’s wealth and his father’s criminal past. Ben Novack Sr. worked with infamous mobster Meyer Lansky before he died a quarter-century earlier, which had led to speculation that his son, Ben Jr., might have also gotten involved with organized crime.

Another possible motive was that someone wanted to get their hands on the multimillion-dollar family business. But as the investigation continued, it became clear that the likely motive for the murder was money. Ben was worth millions, and it’s no secret that Narcy lay claim to a large share of his inheritance if he were to die.

The police eventually arrested Narcy Novack and her brother Cristobal Veliz on charges of conspiracy and hiring the killers to carry out Ben’s assassination. The suspected hitmen, Jr. and his associate Joseph G. Creed, who both have since been convicted, were paid $100,000 to carry out the killing, according to law enforcement.


In conclusion, the death of Ben Novack Jr. was brutal and shocking. The murder scene was a mess, which complicated the investigation leading to many possible suspects. After months of intensive investigation, Narcy Novack, her brother, and the two hitmen were convicted in 2012 for their role in the murder. The motive was money, but it ultimately led to a gruesome murder that took years to solve. Although justice has been served, the tragedy of Ben Novack Jr.’s death remains fresh in the minds of many.

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