Beverly Hills 90210 Scott Dies Full Episode

Summary: In the fourth episode of Beverly Hills 90210, Scott Scanlon, who was a close friend of David Silver, accidentally shoots himself while showing off his father’s gun. This tragic event shook the entire group and left many fans heartbroken. The full episode is still available for viewing online, allowing viewers to relive the emotional moments and the impact it had on the show’s characters.

1. The Build-Up to Scott’s Death

The episode starts with Scott being excited about his new Christian school and asking David’s opinion about it. David seems distant and uninterested, as Brandon and Steve come by and invite him to join them in their new club. Throughout the episode, Scott tries to impress David with his new lifestyle, but David doesn’t seem to care. Meanwhile, Steve and Brandon are floundering in their new business venture, causing tension between them. All this sets the stage for the tragic event that occurs later.

In one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the episode, Scott invites David over to see his racing car bed. David is less than impressed but tries to humor Scott, who just wants to be seen as cool. It’s a poignant reminder of how much we all just want to fit in and be liked and how difficult that can be during adolescence.

The tension continues to mount as the group gathers at a party, where Scott’s attempts to fit in become more desperate. David is too busy with his band to pay attention, and Scott feels left out. After drinking and holding his father’s gun, Scott accidentally shoots himself in front of David and the rest of the group.

2. The Aftermath of the Tragic Event

The immediate aftermath of Scott’s death is the most emotionally charged part of the episode. The group is in shock, not knowing what to do or how to react. Brenda, who had a run-in with Scott earlier about her views on sex, feels guilty and tries to comfort David. Meanwhile, Scott’s parents are inconsolable, blaming themselves for leaving the gun where Scott could find it.

The show does an excellent job of portraying the varied reactions and emotions of each character, as they struggle to come to terms with their loss. David is especially affected, as he feels responsible for not being a better friend to Scott. He lashes out at everyone, angry at the senselessness of it all.

One of the most touching scenes in the episode is when the group visits Scott’s locker, looking for something to remember him by. They find a collection of pictures and notes, showing how much Scott was loved and cared for by his friends. It’s a beautiful tribute to the character and shows how much he meant to everyone.

3. The Impact on the Show’s Characters

Scott’s death had a profound impact on the show’s characters, shaping their storylines for seasons to come. David, in particular, struggles with his guilt and grows more distant from his friends. He starts to act out, struggling with depression and addiction, leading to some of the show’s most dramatic moments.

The show also explores how different people grieve and cope with loss. Brenda uses Scott’s death as a catalyst to start volunteering at a suicide prevention hotline, while Steve throws himself into partying and avoiding his feelings. These reactions are all too real for anyone who has experienced grief, giving the show an authenticity that resonated with fans.

The episode also highlights the dangers of gun ownership and the importance of responsible gun safety. Scott’s death was a tragedy that could have been prevented if his father had secured the weapon properly. This message is still relevant today, making the episode as powerful and important as ever.


In conclusion, the death of Scott Scanlon was a pivotal moment in the history of Beverly Hills 90210. The full episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the show or who wants to relive the emotional impact it had on viewers. The storyline was handled with sensitivity and honesty, allowing fans to connect with the characters and their grief. Despite being over 25 years old, the episode still resonates today, proving the timeless quality of good storytelling.

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