Blue Bloods Re Do

Summary: Blue Bloods is a crime drama series that has been running for 11 seasons. However, it has recently announced a “re-do” of the show due to its popularity and loyal fan base. This article will explore the changes being made to the show and what viewers can expect from the upcoming season.

1. New Characters

The new season of Blue Bloods will introduce several new characters to the show. One of them is Joe Hill, the son of Joe Reagan, who was never mentioned in the previous seasons. Joe Hill will be played by Will Hochman. Another character that will be introduced is Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko’s new partner, Rachel Witten. Witten will be portrayed by La La Anthony.

These new characters will bring fresh dynamics and storylines to the show. Fans are eager to see how they will fit into the family and the crime-solving team.

Additionally, recurring characters like Mayor Peter Chase and Frank’s former partner Lenny Ross will appear in the upcoming season. Fans will get to see how their ongoing storylines unfold.

2. Focus on Social Issues

The upcoming season of Blue Bloods will focus on social issues that have become prevalent in our society. The showrunners have stated that they want to reflect the current state of the world in the show.

One of the topics that will be covered is police brutality. This is a sensitive issue, and the show will try to portray both sides of the story without taking a biased approach. Another topic that will be addressed is immigration. The show will depict how the rules and regulations surrounding immigration affect individuals and families.

By tackling these issues, Blue Bloods aims to open up discussions about them and help audiences gain a better understanding of their complexities.

3. More Personal Storylines

Blue Bloods has always been a family-oriented show, and the upcoming season will delve deeper into the personal lives of the Reagans. The new season will follow Erin’s struggles in her career, Jamie’s struggles with being newly-appointed sergeant, and Danny’s search for redemption after the tragic death of his wife Linda.

The showrunners have also hinted at exploring Frank’s romantic life. Fans have always been curious about this aspect of his life, and they might finally get some answers.

These personal storylines will make the characters more relatable and add another layer of depth to the show.

4. Upgraded Technology

In the previous seasons of Blue Bloods, we saw the police department use outdated technology. However, things are about to change in the upcoming season. The show will be reflecting the reality of modern policing techniques.

The showrunner, Kevin Wade, has revealed that the police department’s computer screens will now operate with touch screens, something that officers in real life have been using for years. This change reflects the NYPD’s recent upgrade of its technology to improve efficiency.

By upgrading the technology used in the show, Blue Bloods will make it more engaging and believable for its viewers.

5. Action-Packed Episodes

Blue Bloods is known for its intense action scenes, and the upcoming season will not disappoint in that regard. Jamie Reagan, who has recently been appointed as sergeant, will be leading a SWAT team on a dangerous mission to take out an organized crime ring.

Danny Reagan will also be involved in a high-speed car chase involving a drug dealer. The chase scene was filmed in the middle of New York City, and it took four days to film due to the logistical challenges.

The show has always been praised for its realistic and thrilling action scenes, and this season promises to be no different.


The upcoming season of Blue Bloods is highly anticipated by fans of the show. With new characters, social issues, personal storylines, upgraded technology, and action-packed episodes, the show promises to be even more engaging than before.

By reflecting the current state of the world and presenting complex issues, Blue Bloods aims to start important conversations. The show’s commitment to realism and attention to detail in their action scenes will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Overall, the “re-do” of Blue Bloods promises to bring a fresh and exciting vision to this long-running fan favorite series.

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