#bro Telugu Movie

Summary: #Bro is a Telugu action-comedy movie released in 2021. The movie features Sree Vishnu, Satya Dev, and Nivetha Thomas in the lead roles. The movie has been directed by V. I. Anand and produced by Dr. Vijay Donkada under the banner of First Frame Entertainments.

1. Storyline and plot

The movie revolves around the story of two brothers, Rocky and Ravi, who run a catering business. Things take a turn when they get into a fight with a gangster and end up stealing his mobile phone, which contains some important evidence against him. The rest of the movie follows their journey as they try to stay away from the gangster while also trying to figure out what to do with the evidence in their possession.

The storyline is filled with twists and turns, keeping the audience engaged throughout the movie. The plot is well thought out and executed, making for an entertaining watch.

The movie also touches upon the themes of brotherhood and family values, adding a layer of depth to the overall storyline.

2. Acting performances

The lead actors, Sree Vishnu and Satya Dev, deliver strong performances portraying the characters of Rocky and Ravi respectively. Their on-screen chemistry and camaraderie make their characters’ relationship believable and enjoyable to watch.

Nivetha Thomas, who plays the role of journalist Swathi, adds to the charm of the movie with her bubbly personality and perfect comic timing. The supporting cast also delivers impressive performances, making the movie a well-rounded experience.

The movie strikes a fine balance between comedy and action, with the actors’ performances complementing the script perfectly.

3. Music and background score

The music and background score of the movie are composed by Ajanesh Loknath. The songs are catchy, and the background score fits perfectly with the mood of the movie.

The song “Raa Chilaka” is a particular highlight, with its upbeat tempo and perfect choreography making for a visually stunning sequence.

The music and background score add to the overall entertainment value of the movie, making it a complete package.

4. Cinematography and visuals

The movie’s cinematography, handled by Sai Sriram, is top-notch. The camera work is excellent, with the visuals capturing the essence of the movie’s setting and mood.

The action sequences are well-crafted, and the shots are framed perfectly, adding to the excitement and intensity of the scenes.

The movie’s color palette and visual effects are also impressive, making for a visually stunning experience.

5. Direction and production

The movie has been directed by V. I. Anand, who has done an excellent job in bringing the script to life. His direction is spot on, keeping the pace of the movie just right and ensuring that the audience remains engaged throughout.

The production values of the movie, helmed by First Frame Entertainments, are impressive, with attention given to every aspect of the movie’s production, from the sets to the costumes to the special effects.

The movie is a testament to the teamwork between the director, producers, and the rest of the crew involved in its creation.


#Bro is a must-watch for Telugu movie fans looking for a perfect blend of action, comedy, and drama. With an engaging storyline, impressive performances, and outstanding technical aspects, the movie is a complete package. Credit must be given to the director, producers, and the entire crew for bringing this entertainer to life.

The movie showcases the potential of Telugu cinema and the talent of the actors involved, leaving the audience eagerly awaiting their next release.

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