Bunnie Xo Real Name

Summary: Bunnie XO, also known as Bunny Ayumi, is a popular cosplayer and Twitch streamer who has gained a massive following for her stunning costumes and engaging content. Despite being in the public eye for years, her real name still remains a mystery to many of her fans.

1. The Unveiling of Bunnie XO’s Real Name

Bunnie XO has managed to keep her real name hidden from the public eye despite being active on social media since 2014. However, in a recent Instagram story, she accidentally revealed her name as Ashley. Fans were shocked to finally know her true identity and took to social media to express their surprise.

Despite initially being worried about revealing her name, Bunnie XO has taken the slip-up in stride and has since joked about it on her social media accounts. She addressed her fans by saying that while Ashley is her real name, she will always be Bunnie XO to them.

Overall, the reveal of her name has not affected her fanbase or career as a cosplayer and Twitch streamer. Her followers continue to support her, and she continues to create engaging content.

2. How Bunnie XO Became a Popular Cosplayer

Bunnie XO’s unique sense of style and creativity have helped her stand out in the cosplay community. She is known for her stunning and intricate costumes inspired by her favorite anime and video game characters.

Her journey into the world of cosplay began when she attended her first anime convention in 2012. She was in awe of the cosplayers there and realized that it was something she wanted to pursue herself. She began creating her own costumes and sharing them on social media.

As her fanbase grew, she decided to create a Twitch channel to showcase her cosplay and interact with her fans. She gained a massive following on the platform, further boosting her popularity as a cosplayer.

3. The Impact of Social Media on Bunnie XO’s Career

Bunnie XO has utilized social media to her advantage, using platforms like Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter to connect with her fans and showcase her work. Her strong social media presence has been crucial in establishing her career as a professional cosplayer.

Through her social media accounts, she has been able to collaborate with other influencers and brands, expanding her reach even further. She has worked with well-known companies such as HP, AXE, and Loot Crate to create sponsored content, showcasing her costumes and promoting their products.

In addition, her presence on Twitch has allowed her to monetize her content through donations, sponsorships, and ad revenue. This has enabled her to turn her passion for cosplay into a full-time career, which is a dream come true for many aspiring cosplayers.

4. The Role of Cosplay in Bunnie XO’s Life

For Bunnie XO, cosplay is more than just a hobby or career – it is a way of life. She has stated in interviews that she loves being able to bring her favorite characters to life and connect with others who share her passion for cosplay.

In addition, cosplay has given her a sense of confidence and empowerment. She has struggled with anxiety in the past, but through cosplay, she has been able to overcome her fears and embrace her unique qualities.

Overall, cosplay has had a significant impact on Bunnie XO’s life, providing her with a creative outlet and helping her grow as a person.


Bunnie XO, also known as Ashley, has been able to establish herself as one of the top cosplayers and Twitch streamers in the industry. Despite accidentally revealing her real name, her fanbase remains strong, and she continues to create engaging content for her followers.

Her success can be attributed to her unique sense of style, creativity, and strong social media presence. Through cosplay, she has been able to connect with others who share her love for the craft, and she has found a sense of empowerment and confidence.

Bunnie XO’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring cosplayers who want to turn their passion into a full-time career. With hard work, dedication, and a commitment to quality content, it is possible to make a name for oneself in the cosplay community.

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