Charles Forstman

Summary: Charles Forstman is a character from the television show “Suits” known for his cunning and manipulative nature. As a rival lawyer to the main characters, Forstman often uses his power and influence to gain leverage over those around him. Despite his villainous actions, Forstman’s character adds an exciting dynamic to the show, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats. In this article, we will explore 5 aspects of Charles Forstman’s character and his impact on the show.

1. Forstman’s Manipulative Nature

Charles Forstman is known for using his manipulation tactics to gain the upper hand in legal battles. He is a businessman who is willing to go to great lengths to get what he wants, even if it means breaking the rules. Forstman has no qualms about using insider trading, blackmail, and other unethical methods to achieve his goals. His shrewdness and disregard for morals make him a powerful opponent for our beloved characters.

For example, in Season 4, Forstman tricks Louis Litt into selling him a large number of shares that would allow him to take over a company. Forstman then ends up bankrupting the company, leaving Louis and the rest of the gang to pick up the pieces. This event leads to a downward spiral for Louis and causes tension between him and his colleagues for many episodes.

Additionally, Forstman uses his wealth and connections to gain leverage over powerful figures such as Harvey Specter, causing chaos in the lives of those who cross his path. His manipulative nature serves as a reminder that not everyone in the legal world operates with integrity.

2. The Impact of Forstman’s Actions on Other Characters

Forstman’s cunning tactics do not only affect those directly involved in his schemes. His actions have a ripple effect throughout the show, causing tension and conflict between characters. When Forstman gains control over a company or asset, it often spells trouble for the main characters. This leads to moments of high tension and great risk, making for exciting television.

An example of this is when Forstman manipulates Mike Ross into committing fraud, which ultimately causes him to go to jail in Season 5. As a result, Mike’s mentor Harvey Specter must try to find a way to get him out of prison while protecting himself and his firm. The impact of Forstman’s actions on one character sends shockwaves through the entire show, affecting everyone from the main characters to minor ones.

Forstman’s impact can also be seen on characters outside of the legal world. Many of the show’s romantic relationships are tested when they cross paths with Forstman. The manipulation and deceit Forstman exhibits serve as a reminder that actions have consequences, and the phrase “it’s just business” does not excuse immoral behavior.

3. Forstman’s Power and Influence

Charles Forstman is portrayed as one of the most powerful figures in the legal world. He has countless connections and endless resources at his disposal, making him a difficult opponent to defeat. His wealth, status, and influence make him seem untouchable, causing many to fear him.

Forstman is the embodiment of the phrase “money talks.” He uses his wealth to sway opinions, bribe officials, and gain information, showing how money continues to hold significant power in the world. His presence highlights the importance of financial success and the extent to which people will go to maintain it, even if it means going against their morals.

Forstman’s power and influence also highlight the dangers of concentrated wealth. The manipulation, deceit, and corruption he exhibits remind us of the potential problems that can arise when one individual or entity accumulates too much power.

4. Forstman’s Character Growth

Charles Forstman’s character shows some growth throughout his time on the show. While he never becomes a “good guy,” he does exhibit moments of vulnerability that humanize him. In Season 5, Forstman is diagnosed with cancer, leading him to change his behavior and show moments of regret for his past actions.

Forstman’s illness leads him to make amends with Louis Litt, who he had previously betrayed. This change in character adds complexity to his villainous persona, leaving audiences wondering if he will truly change his ways or if it’s just another ploy to manipulate those around him.

This growth serves as a reminder that even the most despicable characters can show moments of humanity. It also adds an element of unpredictability to the show, causing viewers to question what Forstman’s next move might be.

5. Forstman’s Overall Impact on the Show

Overall, Charles Forstman serves as an exciting and formidable opponent for the main characters of “Suits.” His cunning tactics, manipulation, and disregard for morals make him a force to be reckoned with. Forstman’s presence causes tension and conflict between characters, making for exciting television. At the same time, his impact reminds audiences of the dangers of concentrated wealth and corruption in the legal world.

While Forstman is not a likable character, his complexity and growth make him an interesting addition to the show. The audience is left wondering what will happen next and how the characters will respond to his latest ploy. Forstman’s impact on the show serves as a reminder that sometimes the most compelling characters are not the heroes, but rather the villains.


Charles Forstman is one of the most memorable characters from the television show “Suits.” His manipulative nature, power and influence, and impact on other characters make him an exciting villain to watch. While his character growth adds complexity to his persona, he remains a formidable opponent for the main characters. Additionally, Forstman’s presence highlights the dangers of concentrated wealth and corruption in the legal world, reminding audiences to question the actions of those in power. Overall, Forstman’s character serves as a vital component of the show, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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