Chiquis Real Name

Summary: Chiquis Rivera is a popular singer and reality TV personality. Her real name has been a topic of interest for many years. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of her real name and why it holds significance in her life.

1. The Origin of the Name Chiquis

Chiquis is a nickname that was given to Janney Marin, the daughter of famous Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera. The name means “little one” in Spanish, and was given to her because of her small size when she was born. Her mother used to call her “chiquita” affectionately, which eventually became “Chiquis” – the name by which she is now known.

Chiquis has mentioned in several interviews that she loves her nickname and feels that it reflects her personality well. She has also said that it reminds her of her mother, and the close bond that they shared.

Despite the fact that Chiquis is known by her nickname, many people are curious to know her real name and the story behind it.

2. The Mystery of Chiquis’s Real Name

For many years, there was much speculation and rumor surrounding Chiquis’s real name. Some believed that her name was actually Janney, while others thought that it was simply a stage name that she had adopted. The truth, however, is far more interesting.

Chiquis’s real name is Janney Marin Mendez. She shares her first and middle name with her mother, although the spelling of her middle name is different. Mendez is her father’s last name. Her full name is significant to her because it represents both sides of her family – her mother’s side and her father’s side.

Chiquis has admitted that she used to be embarrassed by her real name as a child, due to its unusual nature. However, as she grew older, she came to appreciate the meaning behind it.

3. Why Chiquis’s Real Name Matters

For Chiquis, her real name holds significant meaning and importance. It is a reminder of her heritage and the people who have shaped her life.

In an interview with Latina magazine, Chiquis explained that her name represents “a mixture of cultures, Mexican and Salvadoran,” which is a reflection of her family background. She also said that her mother’s maiden name, Marin, holds significance for her because it is a common name in the state of Sinaloa – the birthplace of her mother and many of her relatives.

Additionally, the fact that Chiquis shares her first and middle name with her mother is a point of pride for her. She has spoken about the deep bond that she shared with her mother, who tragically passed away in a plane crash in 2012. Keeping her mother’s name alive through sharing her own is just one way in which Chiquis honors her memory.

4. Chiquis’s Name and Her Career in Entertainment

Chiquis’s real name has played a role in her career in entertainment. When deciding on a stage name, she decided to stick with her nickname, which was already well-known to her fans. However, she did add the Rivera surname to her name as a tribute to her mother’s legacy and to show that she was proud of her family name.

Chiquis has said that her mother always encouraged her to pursue a career in entertainment, and that she saw herself as following in her footsteps. By using her mother’s name as part of her stage name, Chiquis is paying homage to the woman who inspired her and supporting her family’s legacy in the music industry.


In conclusion, Chiquis’s real name is Janney Marin Mendez. While she is known to the public by her nickname, her real name holds significant meaning for her. It represents her heritage and the people who have influenced her life, including her mother – the famous singer Jenni Rivera. By using her mother’s name as part of her stage name, Chiquis is honoring her legacy and continuing her family’s tradition in the music industry.

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