Chris Hemsworth Natty Or Not

Summary: Chris Hemsworth, also known as Thor of Marvel Cinematic Universe, is an actor with a muscular and fit physique. However, rumors have been circulating if he achieved his body naturally or through enhanced means. Many people believe that Hemsworth is not natty as he had to gain around 20 pounds of muscles for Thor role. In this article, we will explore different aspects to answer whether Chris Hemsworth is natty or not.

1. Hemsworth’s physique

Chris Hemsworth has an impressive physique that he has maintained throughout his career. He has a prominent V-shape with broad shoulders, a tiny waist, and a chiseled six-pack. His arms are bulky, and his legs are muscular, giving him a well-proportioned body. Hemsworth’s significant weight gain for Thor role brought attention to how quickly he could transform from his previous fitness state.

However, having a gorgeous physique does not automatically mean he was under the influence of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). People can achieve a similar physique naturally with enough dedication, nutrition, and exercises. Therefore, scrutinizing his body alone is not sufficient evidence of whether Hemsworth is natty.

Moreover, it’s common for actors to gain and lose weight for their roles, as it adds to the believability factor of the character they portray on-screen. Thus, Hemsworth’s weight gain for Thor could have been accomplished in a natural way, considering he had a reasonable amount of time to prepare for the role.

2. Age and experience

Another aspect to consider is Hemsworth’s age and fitness experience. Hemsworth was born in 1983, and he started his acting career in 2002. He has been active in the film industry for almost two decades and gained experience in the necessary training and dieting regimens to improve his physique for films such as Thor, Avengers, Blackhat, and Rush.

However, Hemsworth was not always as muscular as he is now. In his early days, he had a leaner body type, which suggests that he only took an interest in fitness when he pursued an acting career. It’s also worth noting that building a significant amount of muscle mass takes time and consistent dedication to training and nutrition.

Therefore, it’s possible that Hemsworth could have achieved his current physique naturally, given his age, experience, and the duration he had to transform his body for various movie roles.

3. Hemsworth’s statement about PEDs

In a 2015 interview with Men’s Health, Hemsworth stated that he does not use PEDs to improve his physique. He emphasizes that he gains weight by eating a lot of food and lifting heavy weights. As a result, he says he’s harnessed immense respect for what he put his body through and what he was capable of achieving without drugs.

However, it’s crucial to note that celebrities or public figures can say anything to maintain their image and reputation. Thus, taking Hemsworth’s word for it isn’t enough to prove if he’s natty or not.

It’s worth noting that many athletes, actors, and bodybuilders who are associated with PEDs would also deny any accusations or questions directed at them. Therefore, relying on statements alone is not an ideal approach to determine whether someone is using PEDs or not.

4. Hemsworth’s performance on steroids test

In 2018, David Laid, a famous bodybuilder and fitness model, posted on his social media challenging Hemsworth to take a steroids test. Laid claims that Hemsworth’s transformation from a leaner physique to his muscular form is scientifically impossible without PEDs. Hemsworth is yet to respond to this challenge, but the absence of him participating in the test does not prove nor deny if he’s natty.

While steroids tests can indicate if someone is taking drugs or not, it’s not 100% accurate and reliable in all situations. The tests can be straightforwardly manipulated, and there are many ways to avoid detection, such as cycling off before the test or using designer PEDs that have yet to be discovered.

Therefore, even if Hemsworth passed the steroids test or decided to take the challenge, it wouldn’t be conclusive proof of his natural status.

5. Bodybuilding experts’ opinions

Finally, bodybuilding experts often weigh in on the discussion of whether celebrities are on PEDs or not. Some experts believe that Hemsworth had used PEDs to achieve his massive weight gain, while others differ and argue that it’s possible to develop a similar physique naturally with enough time and dedication.

However, it’s crucial to note that bodybuilding experts’ opinions are just subjective and provide no concrete or scientific evidence of Hemsworth’s natty status. There is no conclusive evidence to indicate Chris Hemsworth used PEDs.

In summary, determining Chris Hemsworth’s natural status is challenging based on his appearance alone. While it’s possible that he used PEDs to improve his physique for various movie roles, it’s equally possible that he achieved his current form naturally. His age, experience, statements, steroids challenge, and expert opinions do not provide enough evidence to conclude whether or not he is natty. Therefore, it’s best not to make assumptions or base conclusions on speculation alone.


To wrap up, Chris Hemsworth’s muscular and fit physique has raised questions about his natural status. However, scrutinizing his appearance alone is not conclusive evidence of whether he took PEDs or not. Age, experience, statements, steroids challenges, and expert opinions are inconclusive. It is best to avoid making assumptions and base conclusions on facts rather than speculation. We might never know for sure if Chris Hemsworth is natty or not, and it’s not our place to assume otherwise.

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