Circus Tv Series

Summary: Circus TV series have recently gained immense popularity due to their unique presentations and thrilling performances. From traditional circuses to modern-day adaptations, circus TV series have something to offer for everyone.

1. Traditional Circuses on TV

For decades, traditional circuses have been a source of entertainment for people all around the world. With their vibrant costumes, death-defying stunts, and comedic acts, traditional circuses on TV have always been popular among viewers. Classic shows like “The Ed Sullivan Show” and “The Muppet Show” have featured these circus acts. Additionally, the long-running Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus even had its own TV series named “Circus Time” that aired in the 1950s.

But traditional circus TV series have not lost their charm yet. Recently, fans were thrilled when the Big Apple Circus got its own TV series titled “Circus”. The show was praised for its behind-the-scenes look at the lives of circus performers and how they prepare for their acts. It gave viewers insight into the hard work and dedication required by these performers to entertain the audience.

Similarly, acrobat-based TV series like “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde” also showcase a traditional form of circus-style performance. The French TV show is known for its awe-inspiring acts, including unicyclists, tightrope walkers, and trapeze artists.

2. Circus-Themed Reality TV Shows

The success of reality TV shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “Britain’s Got Talent” has given rise to numerous circus-themed reality shows as well. These shows allow aspiring circus performers to showcase their talent and battle it out among other contestants. Such shows not only fuel the competitive spirit among performers but also entertain viewers with their daring stunts and captivating performances.

One example of such a reality TV show is “Circus Kids”. The show features a group of children attending the National Circus School in Montreal. It not only focuses on their training but also explores the daily challenges they face in their young lives. The show highlights the sacrifices that these children make to pursue their passion and career.

Another show that has gained popularity is “Circus 1903: The Golden Age of Circus”. This show takes a unique approach by presenting a journey back to the past and exploring the history of circuses. It displays an array of old-time circus acts, including the famous elephant puppetry that once wowed audiences. Using state-of-the-art technology, the show offers a nostalgic experience for viewers.

3. Circus-Themed Drama Series

Circus-themed drama series offer a more theatrical approach to the world of circuses. These shows often involve elaborate storylines and character arcs that bring a new level of depth to traditional circus performances. By integrating circus performances with dramatic storytelling, creators have been able to create a new form of entertainment.

One of the most popular circus-themed drama series is “Carnivàle”. This series took place during the Great Depression and showcased a circus travel company traveling across America. The show intertwined supernatural elements into its storyline, making it stand out from other circus-themed TV series. With its unique presentation, “Carnivàle” offered a new form of entertainment to viewers and garnered a loyal fan following.

Another popular circus-themed drama series is “The Circus”. The Norwegian TV show revolves around two brothers who are running a small-time circus. This show explores the complex relationships between the people behind the act and the struggles they face to keep the circus going. With its poignant storyline and nuanced characters, “The Circus” received critical acclaim for its portrayal of the circus life.


Circus TV series offer a range of entertainment options for viewers. With their daring stunts, unique presentations, and heart-warming storylines, circus-themed TV shows cater to audience of all ages. Whether you prefer traditional circus performances or modern adaptations, circus TV series have something to offer for everyone.

The diverse range of circus-themed TV series available today showcases the versatility of the genre. From reality TV shows to drama series, each brings its own unique flair to the world of circuses. These shows not only entertain but also offer insight into the hard work and dedication required by the performers to put their acts together. Overall, circus TV series have become an important part of the entertainment industry and are here to stay.

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