City On A Hill Season 1 Episode 10

Summary: Season 1 episode 10 of City on a Hill, titled “Mayor Curley and The Last Hurrah,” explores the fallout of Jackie Rohr’s actions and ties up loose ends in this thrilling crime drama set in Boston during the 1990s.

1. Justice Is Served

In the opening scene, the audience sees an imprisoned Jackie Rohr admitting to his involvement in the armored car heist that took place in the previous episode. Throughout the season, Rohr has demonstrated his disregard for protocol and the law, but it’s clear that even he knows when the game is up. His decision to take the fall for the heist seemingly gives him peace of mind, but we soon learn that not all is as it seems.

The revelation that Rohr had made a deal with the FBI to turn informant against his own department puts him in an even more precarious situation than before. Not only has he been caught red-handed in criminal activity, but he also risks becoming a pariah among Boston’s finest.

But justice ultimately prevails as the corrupt cops involved in the heist are brought to justice, and Rohr is given a chance at redemption by cooperating with the investigation.

2. Family Ties

Throughout the season, one of the primary plot threads has been Decourcy Ward’s investigation into corruption within the Boston Police Department. But in this episode, we see a different side of Ward as he struggles to connect with his family amidst the chaos.

Ward’s wife, Siobhan, is dealing with her own struggles as she faces the possibility of a high-risk pregnancy. The couple’s marital troubles come to a head in a heart-wrenching scene where Ward begs Siobhan to stay with him.

In the end, their love for each other wins out, but it’s clear that their relationship will continue to be tested as long as Ward remains embroiled in the dangerous world of police corruption.

3. The End of The Line

In previous episodes, we’ve seen Assistant DA Decourcy Ward go toe-to-toe with corrupt politicians and cops alike as he fights for justice in a city rife with corruption. But in this episode, he faces a new kind of adversary: his boss, Attorney General Abrams.

Abrams, eager to put the investigation into police corruption behind him, threatens Ward with insubordination if he continues to pursue the case. Ward’s refusal to back down leads to a tense confrontation between the two men, with Ward ultimately choosing to resign rather than compromise his principles.

It’s a powerful moment that reinforces the show’s central theme of the battle between good and evil. Ward may have lost his job, but his integrity remains intact.


“Mayor Curley and The Last Hurrah” is a satisfying conclusion to City on a Hill’s first season. The show has seamlessly blended themes of corruption, redemption, family, and morality to create a compelling drama that hooks viewers from start to finish. The acting, particularly from Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge, is top-notch, and the show’s attention to detail in recreating Boston during the 1990s adds to the overall immersion of the viewing experience. This episode, in particular, drives home the show’s message that even in the darkest of times, there are those who will fight for what is right.”

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