Commando 3 Full Movie

Summary: Commando 3 is an action-packed Bollywood movie released in 2019, directed by Aditya Datt. The movie features Vidyut Jammwal as lead actor and Adah Sharma, Angira Dhar, and Gulshan Devaiah in supporting roles. The plot revolves around the mission of a commando team to prevent a terrorist attack in India.

1. Action and Thrills

The movie offers a complete package of action-packed sequences and breathtaking stunts. Vidyut Jammwal, as a trained martial artist, crunches bones, knocks out enemies and showcases his acrobatic skills throughout the movie. The film also packs in several high-octane chase sequences and gunfights that are sure to keep the audience on edge of their seats.

The plot of the movie is riddled with suspense as the commando team tries to thwart the evil intentions of terrorists against the country. The hunt for the terrorist leader takes the commandos on an adrenaline-pumping experience across the nation, making the plot even more intriguing and exciting for viewers.

The movie boasts of top-notch cinematography that brilliantly captures the action sequences and fights, making them enjoyable to watch on-screen. The music and background score also elevate the tension at appropriate moments in the movie.

2. Vidyut Jammwal: The Perfect Action Hero

Vidyut Jammwal has always been known for his exceptional martial arts skills and his physique. He does not disappoint his fans in Commando 3 either. Portraying the role of Karanveer Singh Dogra, a commando who is tasked with the responsibility of saving India from terror attacks, Vidyut delivers great acting and action performances.

He appears convincing in his character, showing off his polished acting skills and doing complete justice to the role of a tough commando. His fight scenes are coordinated immaculately, and his acrobatic skills are breathtaking. His muscles also do not go unnoticed in all the unbuttoned shirt scenes!

Vidyut Jammwal’s versatility as an actor is on full display in Commando 3. He can be seen playing emotional scenes with equal ease, which makes his character more relatable to the audience.

3. Relevant Social Themes

The movie not only offers some good old action thrills but also touches upon significant social themes. It highlights the issue of religious fundamentalism and fights against terrorism.

The film raises several questions about humanity and the lengths to which people can go to perpetrate evil actions. The plot is well constructed and forces the audience to ponder these crucial issues long after the movie has finished.

Additionally, the movie delivers an important message about nationalism and how every Indian must stand up against those who pose a threat to the country’s security and harmony. These underlying themes are sure to strike a chord with the audience and make them more aware of their social responsibilities.

4. Supporting Cast

While Vidyut Jammwal shines as the lead actor, the supporting cast of the movie also deserves recognition. Adah Sharma, Angira Dhar, and Gulshan Devaiah put up commendable performances that complement the storyline.

Adah Sharma, in particular, stands out in her role as Bhavna Reddy, a police officer tasked with assisting Karanveer in his mission. She brings in the right blend of humor and emotions that add depth to her character. Angira Dhar, who plays a British Intelligence officer, and Gulshan Devaiah’s portrayal of a conniving mastermind terrorist, are equally impressive.

The combined effort of the entire cast and crew elevates the movie to another level and makes it an entertaining watch from start to finish.


Commando 3 is an enjoyable action-thriller flick that does not disappoint. It packs in all the necessary elements to keep the audience engaged, be it the breathtaking stunts, suspenseful storytelling, or potent social messages. Vidyut Jammwal shines as the lead actor, while the supporting cast adds significant value to the movie’s plot. Overall, Commando 3 is an excellent choice for a fun-filled night filled with action and entertainment.

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