Dear John Taylor Swift Chords

Summary: “Dear John” is a song by Taylor Swift that is popular with guitarists due to its simple yet emotional chord progression. This article provides chords and tips on how to play the song, as well as an analysis of its lyrics and musical elements.

1. The Chords

The song makes use of basic chords that even beginner guitarists can learn quickly. The chords used in the song are C, G, D, Em, and Am. The verses and choruses make use of a simple progression of C-G-Am-F, while the bridge uses D-Em-G-C. To make the song feel more emotional, you can also try playing the chords with fingerpicking instead of strumming.

Here are the chords used in the song:


C G Am F

Detecting lies on meeting you

C G Am F

[…]And I realize the blame is on me


D Em G C

But I hit play, baby, and I drowned out all my fears

2. Tips for Playing “Dear John”

The key to playing “Dear John” is to emphasize the emotions behind the lyrics. One way to achieve this is by playing the chords with a fingerpicking technique instead of strumming. Fingerpicking gives the guitar a softer sound, which fits well with the song’s emotional tone. Take your time with each chord and try to let the notes ring out as long as possible to create a smooth transition between them.

You can also experiment with the rhythm of the song. The original version has a slow, melancholic rhythm, but you can try playing it faster or slower to see how it affects the mood.

Make sure to practice the song slowly before attempting to play it at full speed. This way, you can perfect the chords and rhythm of the song without getting too overwhelmed.

3. Analysis of the Lyrics

“Dear John” is a raw and emotionally charged song that talks about the end of a toxic relationship. The lyrics express the feelings of betrayal and hurt that Taylor Swift experienced after her breakup with John Mayer. The song is a way for Taylor to confront her ex-boyfriend and say everything that she wishes she could have said in person.

The song has a confessional tone, as if Taylor is talking directly to John. She accuses him of using her and then discarding her, leaving her feeling worthless and alone. She talks about how she gave everything to the relationship, and yet he still found ways to criticize and undermine her.

Despite the pain and heartbreak in the lyrics, the song ends on a hopeful note. Taylor talks about how she has learned from the experience and will never let anyone treat her that way again. The song is a testament to her resilience and her ability to turn her pain into art.

4. Musical Elements of “Dear John”

“Dear John” is an example of a modern pop ballad that uses simple chord progressions and emotional lyrics to create a powerful musical experience. The song’s tempo is slow and deliberate, which gives the lyrics time to sink in. The melody of the song is simple but effective, with Taylor’s vocals conveying the raw emotion of the lyrics.

The song makes use of a few musical devices to create a sense of drama. One example is the use of a descending chromatic bass line in the chorus, which creates a sense of tension and release. Another is the repetition of the phrase “Dear John” throughout the song, which gives the lyrics a sense of urgency and intensity.

The use of fingerpicking instead of strumming also contributes to the song’s emotional impact. Fingerpicking creates a soft and gentle sound that complements the vulnerability of the lyrics. Overall, “Dear John” is a well-crafted song that uses simple musical elements to create a memorable and emotionally resonant experience.


“Dear John” is a powerful and emotional song by Taylor Swift that has resonated with many guitar players due to its simple yet effective chord progression. By learning the chords and playing them with a fingerpicking technique, you can recreate the emotional impact of the song. The lyrics of the song are raw and confessional, conveying Taylor’s feelings of hurt and betrayal after her breakup with John Mayer. The simple but effective musical elements of the song, such as the slow tempo and fingerpicking, add to its emotional impact. Overall, “Dear John” is a beautiful song that showcases Taylor’s talent as a songwriter and performer.

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