Disney 11 Gabo Real Name

Summary: Disney 11 Gabo, also known as Gabriel Ramos, is a popular character in one of Disney Channel’s hit shows “Disney 11.” But who is the young talent behind this beloved character? This article delves into the real name of the actor who brings Gabo to life on screen.

1. The origins of Disney 11

Disney 11 is a popular show that first aired in March 2017, and since then has attracted millions of fans worldwide. The show follows the story of Gabo, a young soccer player from a small town in Mexico who wins a scholarship to play soccer at the Sports High School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Along the way, he makes new friends and discovers a passion for solving mysteries.

Gabo, played by Gabriel Ramos, is the lead character and the audience’s guide through the world of the show. His character is smart, athletic, and always ready for a challenge.

The success of the show relies heavily on the performances of its actors, especially Gabriel Ramos’s portrayal of Gabo. But who is Gabriel Ramos, and how did he land this role?

2. Who is Gabriel Ramos?

Gabriel Ramos is a young actor from Mexico who was born on November 12th, 1997. He has always had an interest in acting, and his love for the craft led him to study at the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA) in Televisa in Mexico City.

Before landing the role of Gabo, Gabriel had already made a name for himself in Mexico’s entertainment industry. He appeared in several telenovelas, including Vino el amor and La Rosa de Guadalupe.

Gabriel’s natural talent and dedication to his craft caught the attention of Disney Channel executives, who were impressed with his audition for the role of Gabo in Disney 11.

3. Getting to know Gabo

Gabo is a complex character, and Gabriel Ramos’s portrayal of him is what makes the show so compelling. As the audience follows Gabo on his journey, they see him face various challenges and develop as a person.

Gabo’s character represents the hard-working and determined youth who strives to achieve his goals. His love for soccer is what initially lands him a scholarship to the Sports High School in Buenos Aires, where he then discovers his passion for solving mysteries. Throughout the show, the audience sees Gabo’s soccer skills grow, and his investigation methods become more advanced, establishing him as a multidimensional character.

What makes Gabriel’s performance so impressive is how he captures this multifaceted personality flawlessly.

4. The relationship between Gabriel and Gabo

Gabriel has shared that playing Gabo has been an intense learning experience for him. The actor shares many similarities with his character as both are passionate about sports. The character of Gabo allowed Gabriel to showcase his soccer skills, which he had learned while growing up. Additionally, the show’s theme of teamwork resonates with Gabriel deeply, instilling a sense of unity and collaboration among young viewers.

Gabriel has also shared numerous behind-the-scenes moments with fans, showing the comradery between himself and the other actors, making it clear that teamwork extends beyond the screen.

In summary, Gabriel and Gabo share evident similarities, which have made it easy for Gabriel to slip into his character’s skin seamlessly, bringing Gabo to life in all his complexities, thus securing the success of the show.


In conclusion, Gabriel Ramos may be known to the Disney Channel’s audience as Disney 11 Gabo, but the young actor behind this much-loved character is a talented and hard-working individual. His dedication to his craft speaks volumes about the quality of talent required to meet the expectations of Disney Channel’s demanding viewership.

The effort and talent that Gabriel brings to the show make Gabo’s character all the more compelling, giving fans eager anticipation for what’s in store next.

Disney 11 Gabo is a perfect example of how an actor breathes life into a character, and it’s clear that Gabriel Ramos puts an immense amount of effort into his portrayal of Gabo.

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