Do Uzaki And Sakurai Get Together In Season 2

Summary: “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” is a popular romantic comedy anime that follows the lives of Hana Uzaki and Shinichi Sakurai. Fans are eagerly awaiting season 2 to see if the two main characters finally get together romantically. While there is no official confirmation, let’s explore the possibilities of whether Uzaki and Sakurai will become a couple in season 2.

1. The Development of Their Relationship

Throughout season 1, we saw the building of Uzaki and Sakurai’s friendship. They spent time hanging out, teasing each other, and supporting one another. Although Sakurai denied having any romantic interest in Uzaki, fans could sense an underlying tension between them. Will their relationship take a romantic turn in season 2?

On the other hand, some fans argue that their relationship is strictly platonic, and there are no romantic feelings involved. They believe that the anime focuses more on their individual growth rather than developing a romantic storyline. But with the numerous hints dropped in season 1, it remains to be seen what direction season 2 will take.

However, it is important to note that it is not uncommon for anime shows to have a slow romantic development, and sometimes it takes several seasons before the main characters become a couple. Therefore, we cannot rule out the possibility that Uzaki and Sakurai might take things slow and steady.

2. The Introduction of New Characters

Season 2 may introduce new characters, which could complicate Uzaki and Sakurai’s relationship. If a new love interest is introduced, it could mean that Uzaki and Sakurai won’t end up together. Alternatively, it could lead to jealousy and spur either character to make a move and confess their feelings.

Moreover, new characters could bring fresh dynamics to the show and may add more depth to Uzaki and Sakurai’s relationship. It is crucial to note that any new character introduced should add to the storyline without detracting from the main focus of the show.

In conclusion, the introduction of new characters could either help or hinder Uzaki and Sakurai’s potential relationship in season 2.

3. The Support of Supporting Characters

Uzaki and Sakurai are not the only characters in the show. There is a supporting cast that includes Uzaki’s mother and other eccentric characters. Their reactions to Uzaki and Sakurai’s relationship will play a crucial role in how the story unfolds. If they support the couple, it could drive them closer together. Alternatively, if they disapprove, it could lead to awkwardness between Uzaki and Sakurai.

The supporting cast could also provide advice and perspective on Uzaki and Sakurai’s relationship. Their opinions may influence the main characters’ decision to pursue each other romantically or keep their relationship platonic.

Ultimately, the support of supporting characters will be significant in shaping Uzaki and Sakurai’s relationship in season 2.

4. The Importance of Communication

Communication is essential to the development of any relationship. In season 1, Uzaki and Sakurai struggled with communicating their true feelings to each other. They often misunderstood each other’s intentions, which led to conflict and tension.

In season 2, we hope to see Uzaki and Sakurai communicate better. If they are open and honest about their feelings, they can overcome any obstacle in their relationship. Moreover, proper communication will prevent misunderstandings and lead to a healthy and strong bond between them.

Therefore, it is crucial to see a growth in Uzaki and Sakurai’s communication skills in season 2.

5. How Fans Can Influence the Show

Fans can influence the show’s direction and whether Uzaki and Sakurai will end up together in season 2. Social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit have played a significant role in voicing fan opinions and shaping the storyline of anime shows.

By expressing our support for Uzaki and Sakurai as a couple, we can influence the writers to develop their relationship further. Alternatively, if fans believe that their relationship should remain platonic, they can voice their concerns on social media.

Fan input can play a crucial role in influencing the anime’s production team to take particular approaches when developing the story.


There is no clear confirmation of whether Uzaki and Sakurai will get together in season 2. However, with the development of their friendship in season 1 and numerous hints dropped throughout the series, fans are hopeful of a romantic turn in their relationship. It remains to be seen how the introduction of new characters, the support of supporting characters, communication, and fans’ opinions will influence the development of their relationship. Despite the uncertainty, we can’t wait to see what season 2 holds for Uzaki and Sakurai, whether platonic or romantic.

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