Don’t Pick Up The Phone Netflix Cast

Summary: Don’t Pick Up the Phone is a Netflix original horror-thriller series that premiered on December 24, 2021. The cast includes popular actors such as Kate Beckinsale, Bobby Cannavale, and Lamorne Morris. The plot revolves around a group of strangers who receive mysterious calls, leading them to a deadly game.

1. The Cast

The star-studded cast includes award-winning actors like Kate Beckinsale, known for her roles in Underworld and Love & Friendship. Bobby Cannavale, who has appeared in Boardwalk Empire and Ant-Man, plays the role of a detective in the series. Lamorne Morris of New Girl fame portrays a reserved musician. Other notable actors include Roselyn Sanchez, Ana Ortiz, Alex Gonzalez, and Osvaldo Benavides.

The diverse cast adds depth to the story by bringing unique perspectives and backgrounds. Their chemistry on the screen adds realism to the characters’ relationships. Each actor delivers an outstanding performance, contributing to the suspenseful and thrilling atmosphere of the show.

The director, Jeremy Saulnier, made sure to give the cast enough space to showcase their talent, making the most out of each scene and interaction.

2. The Plot

The show’s premise revolves around a group of strangers receiving strange and unsettling phone calls, which lead them to a deadly game. Kate Beckinsale’s character, Jill, kicks off the story with her mysterious phone call, setting the tone for the sinister events that follow.

As the victims uncover the truth behind the calls, they seem to have a lot in common. The tension builds up, and the audience is left guessing if the characters will ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The plot masterfully balances two different worlds – the characters’ personal lives and their collective journey to survive the game. The writers’ ability to keep the audience engaged in both aspects is one of the show’s strongest suits.

3. The Thrills

Don’t Pick Up the Phone delivers spine-tingling suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Every episode is filled with moments of terror that make you want to scream at the character not to go down that dark alley or pick up the phone.

The horror is not always in-your-face, as the show also has a psychological aspect. As the characters’ lives unravel, their past traumas haunt them, making them more susceptible to the game’s effects. This adds depth to the characters and the story, making it more than just a slasher film in a TV format.

The writers use jump scares effectively, making them feel earned instead of forced. They also add an eerie atmosphere thanks to the excellent sound design that leaves you hearing strange whispers in the background.

4. The Soundtrack

The show’s music is an essential aspect of creating its suspenseful ambiance. Composed by Brooke Blair and Will Blair, the soundtrack is bone-chilling and eerie, complementing the tone of each scene perfectly.

The music ranges from orchestrations that wouldn’t feel out of place in a horror classic to electronic synth beats that add a futuristic vibe to the show. The Blair brothers masterfully blend genres, adding depth to the already complex story.

Moreover, the soundtrack works as a great standalone album, with different moods and atmospheres that flow seamlessly into one another.

5. Diversity and Representation

Don’t Pick Up the Phone offers a diverse cast that accurately reflects the world we live in, including actors from different ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations.

The representation is not limited to the actors, as the show also has female and non-binary writers and directors. This adds authenticity to the characters as they come from diverse experiences and backgrounds, making them more relatable to a broader audience.

The show’s representation sends a message that everyone can be a hero or a villain, regardless of their identity. It offers viewers role models from all walks of life, encouraging inclusivity and tolerance.


Don’t Pick Up the Phone is a must-watch horror-thriller series for fans of the genre and those looking for a nail-biting experience. The talented cast, suspenseful plot, spine-tingling thrills, eerie soundtrack, and diverse representation make it an outstanding addition to the Netflix catalog.

The show is more than just another horror flick; it tackles heavy themes such as trauma, grief, and redemption through its well-written characters. It explores the dark parts of human nature, forcing us to ask ourselves what we are capable of when put under extreme circumstances.

Moreover, Don’t Pick Up the Phone proves that diversity and representation are essential in storytelling, creating relatable and grounded characters that showcase different perspectives and experiences.

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