Emotions Lyrics Ariana Grande

Summary: Emotions Lyrics by Ariana Grande is a powerful portrayal of the artist’s innermost feelings. In this article, we will discuss how her lyrics reflect her emotions through topics such as heartbreak, self-love and empowerment, and overcoming hardships.

1. Heartbreak

Ariana Grande has had her share of heartbreak, particularly after the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and her broken engagement to comedian Pete Davidson. Her lyrics convey a deep sense of pain and loss, which can be heard in songs such as “ghostin” and “thank u, next”. In “ghostin”, she sings about feeling guilty for loving someone while mourning the loss of another, while “thank u, next” is an ode to self-love and growth in the face of heartbreak. Despite the sadness in these songs, they also serve as a reminder of the importance of self-care and moving forward.

However, not all of Grande’s heartbreak songs are sad and melancholic. “7 rings” is a perfect example of this, as it tells the story of Grande buying expensive things in order to cope with heartbreak and loneliness. The song also explores themes of friendship and sisterhood, showcasing Grande’s ability to find joy and happiness in difficult times.

Overall, Grande’s heartbreak lyrics show her vulnerability as an artist, but also teach listeners the importance of self-love and resilience in tough situations.

2. Self-Love and Empowerment

As mentioned earlier, “thank u, next” is an anthem for self-love and growth. This sentiment can be found throughout Grande’s music, particularly in songs such as “God is a woman” and “breathin”. In “God is a woman”, she celebrates the power of femininity and encourages women to embrace their strength and worth. “breathin” is a reminder to take care of oneself and not let anxiety and stress take over.

Grande’s self-love lyrics not only promote individual growth and empowerment, but also inspire others to do the same. Her lyrics have become a source of comfort for many, as they encourage listeners to prioritize their own needs and feelings above those of others.

In addition, Grande consistently uses her platform to advocate for women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights. Through her activism, she empowers listeners to not only love themselves, but also stand up for what they believe in.

3. Overcoming Hardships

Grande’s personal life has been marked by tragedy and difficulties, including the Manchester bombing at her concert in 2017. Despite these hardships, she has continued to persevere and create music that reflects her resilience. In “no tears left to cry”, she sings about the importance of moving forward and finding hope after experiencing trauma. In “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”, she reminds listeners that they don’t need someone else to be happy, and that it’s important to focus on oneself before jumping into a relationship.

Grande also uses her music to address larger societal issues, such as gun control and mental health awareness. In “get well soon”, she sends a message of hope and support to those struggling with mental illness and encourages them to seek help. In “God is a woman”, she challenges traditional gender roles and advocates for the recognition of women’s power and worth.

Overall, Grande’s ability to overcome personal and societal challenges is reflected in her powerful lyrics, which inspire listeners to do the same.


Ariana Grande’s emotions lyrics are a testament to her talent as an artist and her resilience as a person. Themes of heartbreak, self-love and empowerment, and overcoming hardships are woven throughout her music, creating a message of hope and inspiration for listeners. Through her activism and personal experiences, Grande has become a symbol of strength and perseverance, inspiring others to embrace their own emotions and harness them into something powerful.

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