Empress Ki End

Summary: Empress Ki was a historical drama television series that aired from 2013-2014 and gained widespread popularity. However, its ending left many viewers divided and uncertain about the fate of their beloved characters.

1. Unanswered Questions

The ending of Empress Ki left many unanswered questions for viewers. One of the most significant questions was the ultimate fate of the main character, Ki Seung-nyang. While the series seemed to suggest that she died at the end, some fans refused to accept this interpretation. Additionally, the ending of the series left the fates of other characters in question, such as Wang Yu and Ta-hwan. The lack of closure for these characters frustrated many viewers.

Furthermore, the ending of Empress Ki left viewers wondering about the true motives of the characters involved. For example, it was unclear whether Empress Dowager Chabi truly loved Ta-hwan or if she was simply using him as a pawn. Similarly, the motivations of various political factions remained unclear by the time the series concluded.

Overall, the many unanswered questions at the end of Empress Ki left viewers feeling uncertain and dissatisfied with the show’s conclusion.

2. Character Development

Empress Ki was known for its strong character development throughout its run, but some viewers felt that the conclusion of the series did not do justice to the characters they had grown to love. In particular, the character of Ki Seung-nyang had gone through numerous trials and tribulations throughout the series, and her ultimate fate left many fans disappointed.

Furthermore, some fans felt that the characters of Wang Yoo and Ta-hwan had been neglected towards the end of the series, leaving their storylines incomplete. The show’s focus on other characters and subplots in its final episodes left some viewers feeling that the overall character development had been weakened.

In the end, the lack of attention given to certain characters and their development was a significant factor contributing to the negative reaction to Empress Ki’s ending.

3. Historical Accuracy

Empress Ki was a historical drama, and as such, many fans expected a certain level of historical accuracy in the show’s conclusion. However, the series deviated from historical reality in several key ways towards the end.

For example, historical records suggest that Ki Seung-nyang did not die at the hands of Bayan when he invaded Goryeo, as the show portrays. Similarly, the portrayal of Ta-hwan’s death is inconsistent with historical accounts. While the show took creative liberties throughout its run, some viewers felt that the divergence from historical accuracy in its final episodes was particularly egregious.

The discrepancies between the show’s ending and historical reality left many fans dissatisfied and disappointed with the conclusion of Empress Ki.

4. Production Issues

Empress Ki faced several production issues towards the end of its run, which may have contributed to the negative reaction to its conclusion. For example, the production team reportedly had to rush filming on certain episodes, leading to inconsistencies and plot holes in the final product.

Additionally, some fans believed that the show’s budget had been cut towards the end of its run, leading to inadequate special effects and set design. These factors, combined with the other issues discussed, may have contributed to the overall disappointment with Empress Ki’s ending.

Despite these issues, the show’s impressive performances and strong fanbase ensured that it remained a memorable and well-regarded historical drama overall.


The ending of Empress Ki left many viewers frustrated and dissatisfied. The lack of closure for beloved characters, weak character development, historical inaccuracies, and production issues all contributed to the negative reaction to the show’s conclusion. However, despite its flaws, Empress Ki remains a well-regarded historical drama with a devoted fanbase.

As with any television series, it is difficult to provide a satisfying conclusion that will please everyone. While the ending of Empress Ki may not have been perfect, it still managed to leave a lasting impression on many of its viewers.

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