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Summary: “Everything Has Changed” is a popular song by Taylor Swift featuring British singer Ed Sheeran. The song was released in her fourth album “Red,” and has been widely praised for its guitar chords and nostalgic lyrics reminiscing young love. This article dives into the various aspects of “Everything Has Changed,” including the song’s background, chord progression, tempo, key, and more.

1. The background of “Everything Has Changed”

“Everything Has Changed” was written by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, and produced by Butch Walker. The song was originally written by Swift on acoustic guitar, before Sheeran added his own verse and melody. The two artists’ collaboration resulted in a duet song about falling in love and finding solace in each other. “Everything Has Changed” received positive reactions from audiences and became a fan-favorite song.

The song’s music video features child versions of Swift and Sheeran meeting and playing together. The music video mirrors the nostalgic and innocent feeling of the lyrics of the song, which remind us of our childhood days and first love experiences.

The song’s popularity and sentimental value resonated with many Swift fans, as well as those who appreciate a meaningful guitar-driven song that can stand the test of time.

2. The guitar chords of “Everything Has Changed”

“Everything Has Changed” is known for its memorable and beautiful guitar chords that complement the lyrics perfectly. The song uses relatively simple chords, including G, D, Em, and C. However, the way these chords are arranged and played creates a unique and captivating sound.

The song’s intro starts with a finger-picking pattern on the G chord, followed by a series of chords played once in sequence: G, D, Em, C. This sets the tone of the song and makes it easy for guitar players to follow along.

The verse then starts with a finger-picking pattern on the G chord, followed by a change to the D/F# chord. The chorus shifts to the Em and C chords, creating a subtle yet effective contrast. Overall, the song’s guitar chords are accessible to beginners yet still impressive for experienced guitarists to play.

3. The tempo and key of “Everything Has Changed”

“Everything Has Changed” has a moderate tempo of around 88 beats per minute. This tempo allows for a comfortable and relaxing pace to strum along to the chords on the guitar. The rhythm of the song also adds to its nostalgic and dreamy vibe.

The song is in the key of G major, which facilitates the use of the G, D, Em, and C chords highlighted earlier. G major is a popular key for guitar-based songs and suits Taylor Swift’s vocal range well.

The song’s melody is simple yet memorable, thanks to Ed Sheeran’s additions to the original structure of the song. The melody complements the lyrics and guitar chords perfectly and helps create a mood of youthful innocence and first love.

4. The lyrics and themes of “Everything Has Changed”

“Everything Has Changed” explores the theme of falling in love and feeling a sense of belonging with someone else. The lyrics describe how everything seems different when you find the right person, and how someone can make you feel like you’ve found home. The song also touches on the idea of growing up together and experiencing life together.

Taylor Swift’s and Ed Sheeran’s voices blend together seamlessly in the duet, creating a sense of unity and harmony that reflects the lyrics’ message. The song’s lyrics and melody are both nostalgic and uplifting, reminding us of the beauty of young love and the wonder of discovery.

Overall, “Everything Has Changed” is a powerful song that resonates with many listeners, thanks to its relatable lyrics and memorable guitar chords.

5. The song’s impact on Taylor Swift’s career

“Everything Has Changed” is one of the standout tracks in Taylor Swift’s fourth album “Red.” The album marked a significant transition for Swift, as she moved away from her country music roots and toward a more pop-driven style. The success of the album and the reception of songs like “Everything Has Changed” solidified Swift’s position as a successful and versatile artist who can shift genres while staying true to her voice.

The song’s success also demonstrated the power of collaborative songwriting, especially when two talented artists come together. Fans appreciated the authenticity and meaningfulness of the lyrics, which spoke to their own experiences of falling in love and growing up.

“Everything Has Changed” remains a fan-favorite song, and continues to inspire other musicians and songwriters to create meaningful music that connects with audiences.


“Everything Has Changed” is a remarkable song that showcases the best of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s songwriting abilities. The song’s memorable guitar chords, moderate tempo, and nostalgic lyrics make it a timeless classic that resonates with many listeners. The song’s impact on Taylor Swift’s career, as well as its value to fans, cannot be understated. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced guitar player, “Everything Has Changed” is a must-learn song that will remind you of the beauty of first love and young innocence.

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