Extreme Home Makeover Stockdale Family Where Are They Now

Summary: The Extreme Home Makeover Stockdale Family episode is one of the most popular episodes from the show, where Ty Pennington and his team transformed a rundown house into a beautiful and functional home for the Stockdale family. The episode aired in 2005 and fans have been wondering about the family’s whereabouts since then. Here is an update on the Stockdale family and what they have been up to post the makeover.

1. Before the Makeover

The Stockdale family was dealing with several challenges before the Extreme Makeover team arrived at their doorstep. Margaret and Don Stockdale had adopted four children, including two with special needs. Their original house was in a state of disrepair, with peeling paint, a leaky roof, and cramped spaces. The family was struggling to make ends meet and often slept in the living room together.

After winning the lottery, Don decided to use the money to support his family and give them the dream home that they deserved. That’s when the Stockdale family was selected for the iconic episode.

During the makeover process, Ty Pennington and his team worked with local contractors and volunteers to transform the Stockdale family’s home and create a space that was suitable for their needs.

2. The Transformation

During the makeover, the Extreme Makeover team completely demolished the old house and built a brand new one in its place. The new home was designed to be spacious, comfortable and safe for the family. The team also included many features that were tailored to the family’s specific needs.

The new house boasted a ramp for the wheelchair-bound children, a playroom, a crafts room, and a sensory room. The family’s new home was fully accessible and included a kitchen that featured custom-built cabinets and a dining room that was big enough for the whole family to gather in.

The new house also featured a wraparound porch, a spacious living room, and bedrooms for the children, which were personalized with each child’s interests in mind. The team also included a state-of-the-art security system, a new air conditioning system, and appliances for the family.

3. Where Are They Now?

Since the episode aired, the Stockdale family has continued to enjoy their dream home and all its benefits. In 2009, they renewed their vows on the show and reaffirmed their love for one another. According to reports, the family has been enjoying their lives and raising their children.

The older children have since grown up, but the younger ones are still living in the home and thriving. The family has even started a small farm on their property, complete with a vegetable garden and animals that the children care for.

Margaret Stockdale has also been working on her art business, making custom paintings and selling them online. Don Stockdale continues to work as a truck driver while caring for his family.


The Extreme Home Makeover Stockdale Family episode is one of the most memorable episodes from the show. The transformation that the Stockdale family’s home underwent has impacted their lives positively, providing the family with a comfortable and safe space to call home. Since the makeover, the family has continued to grow and thrive, enjoying their dream home and all the opportunities it has provided them.

Ty Pennington and his team truly made a difference in the Stockdale family’s life, demonstrating the power of teamwork, community involvement, and giving back.

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