Henry Cavill Height And Weight

Summary: Henry Cavill, the well-known British actor, possesses a combination of a towering frame and a toned muscular body. He is often recognized for his outstanding performance in movies like “Man of Steel”, and “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”. In this article, we will explore the height and weight of this handsome actor.

1. Early Life

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born on May 5, 1983, in Saint Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. His father was a stockbroker, and his mother worked as a secretary in a bank. Being the fourth of five boys, he grew up in a high-spirited family along with all the adventures that come with it. Since childhood, he showed an inclination towards acting and participated in several school plays. However, his height and weight were average during his youth.

In his teenage years, Henry’s height started to shoot up, and he grew to be an impressive six feet one inch (185 cm). He also started to hit the gym and acquired a chiseled physique. His weight currently varies between 205-215 pounds (93-98 kg), depending on his roles.

2. Acting Career

Henry Cavill made his acting debut with the movie “Laguna” in 2001, where he portrayed the character of Thomas Aprea. He then bagged the role of Charles Brandon in the TV series “The Tudors,” which brought him into the limelight. The show ran from 2007 to 2010 and provided a great platform for Henry to showcase his acting prowess.

However, his breakthrough in the film industry came with director Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel,” where he portrayed the iconic character of Superman. He underwent rigorous training for six months to bulk up for the role and displayed a stunning transformation. His towering height and toned body stole hearts and made the movie a grand success.

3. Fitness Mantra

Henry Cavill follows a strict workout regimen to maintain his muscular physique. His training includes weightlifting, cardio, and functional exercises. He works out six days a week, and his schedule is planned based on the roles he is about to play. For his role in “The Witcher,” he learned sword fighting and underwent intense physical training.

He is also very particular about his diet and believes that nutrition plays a vital role in physical fitness. He consumes plenty of proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs to fuel his workouts. He also stays away from processed foods and sugars and drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated.

4. Height in Hollywood

Henry Cavill’s imposing height has often helped him bag impactful roles in movies. The entertainment industry demands tall and impressive actors time and again, and Henry easily fills that criteria. Besides his performance and good looks, his towering height adds to the on-screen presence and makes for an engaging watch.

However, it isn’t just his height that makes him an ideal choice for many roles. His acting skills and dedication to his craft are equally noteworthy. He has portrayed roles ranging from serious to funny and fantasy to superhero with equal élan and created a niche for himself in the industry.

5. Personal Life

Henry Cavill maintains a low-key private life and isn’t too vocal about his personal relationships. He had been in a relationship with actor Gina Carano, but they parted ways in 2014. In 2017, he started dating stuntwoman Lucy Cork, but their relationship ended after a year.

He is also not very active on social media and has stated that he prefers to focus on his work instead. However, he is involved in humanitarian activities and supports charities like the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Royal Marines Charity.


Henry Cavill is a towering personality in Hollywood, both in terms of his height and acting skills. He is known for his muscular physique and chiseled looks, which he diligently maintains through intense workouts and disciplined eating habits. With a height of six feet one inch (185 cm) and a weight ranging between 205-215 pounds (93-98 kg), he cuts an impressive figure on and off the screen.

However, it isn’t just his physical attributes that make him a great actor; his dedication to his profession and his performances speak volumes about his talent. It is intriguing to see what roles he will take on in the future and how he will dazzle us with his acting abilities.

Lastly, we hope that this article has provided some insight into the height and weight of Henry Cavill and has been an enjoyable read for his ardent fans.

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