Hijo Leonardo Dicaprio

Summary: Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio, a production company founded by the Hollywood actor, has been making a significant impact in the film industry. From Leonardo’s passion for environmentalism to his noteworthy documentaries, the company has become synonymous with impactful filmmaking with a cause.

1. The Beginning of Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio

Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio was founded by Leonardo DiCaprio in 2017 with a mission to produce documentaries that raise awareness about critical environmental and social issues. The name Hijo, meaning “son” in Spanish, pays homage to DiCaprio’s father and his Mexican heritage.

The company has already made significant strides towards fulfilling its mission with several successful documentaries under its belt. These include “Ice on Fire,” which explores the dangers of climate change and how we can prevent it, and “Sea of Shadows,” which highlights the plight of endangered species in the Sea of Cortez.

With a focus on important issues and a commitment to creating meaningful and engaging content, Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio has rapidly become a respected voice in the documentary film world.

2. Environment-Oriented Content

As an environmental activist and philanthropist, it is unsurprising that many of the documentaries produced by Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio focus on environmental issues. “Before the Flood,” directed by Fisher Stevens and starring DiCaprio himself, is one such example.

The film follows DiCaprio as he travels around the world to explore the causes and effects of climate change. It features interviews with experts and world leaders, including President Obama and Pope Francis, and presents a compelling case for urgent action to mitigate the global effects of climate change.

Other environmentally oriented documentaries produced by Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio include “The Ivory Game,” which exposes the illegal ivory trade and its devastating impact on elephant populations, and “The 11th Hour,” which explores the current state of our planet’s ecosystems and offers solutions to the challenges we face.

3. Social Justice and Advocacy

In addition to environmental issues, Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio also produces documentaries that bring awareness to important social justice matters. “Virunga” is one such example, which explores the political and environmental crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo and sheds light on the heroic efforts of those working to protect its national park.

The 2017 documentary “Before the Flood” addresses social inequality as it highlights the disconnect between the world’s affluent population and the people who are most impacted by climate change, yet have done the least to cause it. This documentary demonstrates Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio’s commitment to using film as a tool for social justice advocacy.

With a focus on pressing environmental and social issues, Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio has proven itself as a company with a conscience, seeking to make positive change through storytelling.

4. Partnerships and Collaborations

Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio has partnered with a number of production studios and streaming services to distribute its documentaries and reach a wider audience. For example, “Sea of Shadows” was released in partnership with National Geographic, and “Before the Flood” was acquired by National Geographic and was distributed globally by Netflix.

These partnerships ensure that the important content produced by Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio remains accessible and widely seen. The company has also collaborated with leading experts and activists to ensure that each documentary is well-researched, impactful, and informative.

By forming these collaborations, Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio has been able to create meaningful films that leave a lasting impact on viewers and inspire action towards positive change.

5. Awards and Accolades

The company’s documentaries have been received with critical acclaim and recognition in various film festivals and awards ceremonies. “The Ivory Game” won the 2017 Emmy for outstanding documentary or nonfiction special, and “Before the Flood” was an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival and won the Hollywood Documentary Award in 2016.

Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio’s commitment to producing films with a message has clearly resonated with audiences and award committees alike, cementing its place as a respected and impactful production company in the industry.


Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio is not just another production company – it is a visionary enterprise dedicated to amplifying important messages through the power of film. With a clear mission, a commitment to partnership and collaboration, and an unshakeable passion for social and environmental justice, the company has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for those seeking change.

Through its hard-hitting documentaries and advocacy work, Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio has demonstrated how powerful storytelling can make positive changes in the world. As the film industry moves forward, it is clear that Hijo Leonardo DiCaprio will continue to supersede expectations and create films that enlighten, provoke and inspire.

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