Initial D Complete Series

Summary: “Initial D” is a popular Japanese animated series that follows the story of Takumi, a high school student who becomes a skilled street racer. The complete series includes four stages and a movie, and has gained a large following among fans of anime, racing, and action genres.

1. The Plot

Set in the mountainous regions of Japan, the series follows Takumi Fujiwara, a seemingly average high school student who works at a gas station during the day and delivers tofu at night. However, little do people know that Takumi is also a skilled street racer, thanks to his father teaching him how to drift on the windy roads of Mount Akina. As the series progresses, Takumi competes against various opponents and learns valuable lessons about life, love, and the thrill of racing.

The show’s plot is well-paced and filled with exciting race scenes that leave viewers on the edge of their seats. The story is also character-driven, focusing on Takumi’s growth as a person and his relationships with his friends and family.

Overall, the plot of “Initial D” is both engaging and emotional, making it a must-watch for fans of anime and racing.

2. The Characters

“Initial D” features a wide cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and backstories. Takumi is the show’s protagonist, but he is supported by a strong supporting cast that includes his best friends Itsuki and Iketani, his love interest Natsuki, and his father Bunta.

Takumi’s relationships with these characters are explored in-depth throughout the series, and each character brings something different to the table. For example, Itsuki is comic relief, while Iketani serves as a mentor figure for Takumi.

The villains of the series are also well-crafted, with each opponent having their own motivations and reasons for wanting to defeat Takumi. While some may appear one-dimensional at first, they are often given more depth as the series progresses, making them more sympathetic and interesting.

3. The Racing Scenes

The racing scenes in “Initial D” are some of the most thrilling and well-animated in any anime series. The show’s emphasis on drifting and mountain roads gives each race a unique flavor and keeps viewers engaged throughout.

Furthermore, the show doesn’t shy away from the dangers of street racing. Characters often crash or get into accidents, which adds to the tension and drama of each race.

The use of CGI in the racing scenes has been criticized by some fans, but overall it doesn’t detract from the excitement of the races.

4. The Soundtrack

The music in “Initial D” is a vital aspect of the show’s success. The series boasts an incredible soundtrack filled with techno, eurobeat, and rock songs that perfectly match the fast-paced action and intense racing scenes.

The show’s opening and ending themes are particularly well-liked, with “Deja Vu” by Dave Rodgers and “Rage Your Dream” by Move becoming fan favorites.

The music helps set the tone of the series and adds to the overall experience of watching “Initial D.”

5. The Art Style

The art style of “Initial D” takes some getting used to, but it’s ultimately charming and unique. The characters often have elongated faces and necks, which can be off-putting at first, but it adds to the show’s overall aesthetic.

The animation itself can be hit or miss at times, especially when it comes to non-racing scenes. However, the animators always put their best foot forward when it comes to the show’s many race sequences and action scenes.

Overall, the art style of “Initial D” is a perfect fit for the series and helps it stand out from other anime shows.


“Initial D” is a thrilling and emotional anime series that has something for everyone. The plot is engaging and character-driven, while the racing scenes are some of the best in any anime. The show’s diverse cast of characters and incredible soundtrack only add to the experience of watching it. Whether you’re a fan of anime, racing, or action genres, “Initial D” is a must-watch that will leave you cheering for Takumi and his friends.

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