Inspector George Gently Season 7

Summary: Inspector George Gently is a popular British detective drama series that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The show’s seventh season saw the story come to an end, with a fitting finale that bid farewell to the beloved character. The last season took viewers on a thrilling ride, filled with unexpected twists and turns, leaving them on the edge of their seats.

1. The Final Chapter

The seventh season of Inspector George Gently marked the end of a remarkable journey for the character and audience alike. It was a bittersweet moment for fans who have followed the character’s journey since the series began in 2007. The last season was spread over four episodes, with each installment taking place in a different year, ranging from 1968 to 1970.

The final chapter brought closure to some of the show’s longest-running storylines. For instance, the character’s strained relationship with his protégé, John Bacchus, finally reached a resolution. Likewise, the murders that have haunted Gently throughout his career were also resolved in a satisfying manner.

The show’s last episode provided a fitting conclusion to the character’s journey, finishing on an emotional and poignant note.

2. The Return of Martin Shaw

One of the highlights of Inspector George Gently’s seventh season was the return of Martin Shaw, who played the titular character. Shaw took a two-year break from the series and returned with renewed vigor and energy to bring Gently’s journey to a close.

The actor’s performance was astonishing, expertly portraying the emotional toll that Gently’s career had taken on him. Shaw breathed life into the character, bringing his signature intensity and gravitas, making the role of Gently his own.

The last season was a testament to Shaw’s contributions to the series, and his presence elevated the show’s quality to new heights.

3. The Historical Setting

Inspector George Gently is set in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a defining period in British history. The show authentically portrays the social and cultural changes that took place during this era, such as the rise of feminism, counter-culture and progressive politics.

The last season continued in this vein, accurately representing the time period’s political and social realities. It also dealt with relevant themes of racism, sexism, and other societal issues that continue to be relevant even today.

The attention to detail and accuracy lent the show authenticity and realism, making it much more than just a detective series.

4. The Supporting Cast

One of Inspector George Gently’s strongest assets has been its excellent supporting cast. The show’s memorable characters and intricate relationships added layers of complexity and richness to the narrative. The season finale saw the return of many fan-favorite characters for a final goodbye, including Lisa McGrillis as Rachel Coles and Lee Ingleby as John Bacchus.

The chemistry between the actors was palpable, adding emotional weight to the character arcs that have been developed over the years. The supporting cast was integral to making Inspector George Gently the success that it was, and viewers were delighted to see them return one final time.

In addition, the show featured guest stars like Mark Williams and Jodie Barton, who brought their unique talents to the series.

5. The Legacy of Inspector George Gently

Inspector George Gently was a unique series that stood out from other detective dramas, combining procedural elements with social commentary and historical settings. The show was critically acclaimed and highly regarded, winning several awards throughout its run.

The show’s legacy is remarkable, with audiences still discovering the series and falling in love with the character years after it ended. Inspector George Gently served as a tribute to the golden age of detective dramas, and Martin Shaw’s performance made the character iconic and unforgettable.

The finale marked the end of an era, but it also gave viewers a chance to say goodbye to a beloved character and celebrate his journey.


The seventh season of Inspector George Gently was a fitting end to one of the greatest British detective dramas of all time. The last four episodes saw the character’s journey come full circle, resolving long-standing conflicts and providing closure to the character arcs that had been developed over the years. Martin Shaw’s return was a highlight, and his performance was phenomenal. The show’s historical setting and social commentary lent it authenticity and realism. The support cast was excellent, adding emotional weight to the narrative. Finally, the show’s legacy is complete, a testament to its success and popularity.

Inspector George Gently may be gone, but it will live on in the hearts and minds of its fans for many years to come.

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