Is Dwayne Johnson Related To Roman Reigns And The Usos

Summary: Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” is related to Roman Reigns and the Usos through his Samoan heritage. Johnson’s grandmother and Reigns’ grandfather are siblings, making them first cousins, and the Usos are Reigns’ cousins.

1. The Samoan Connection

Dwayne Johnson is half-Samoan from his mother’s side. His mother Ata Maivia was the daughter of Peter Maivia, a Samoan professional wrestler, and Lia Maivia. Peter Maivia was also the maternal grandfather of Roman Reigns, who was born Leati Joseph Anoa’i. This makes Johnson and Reigns first cousins through their grandmother, Lia Maivia.

The Usos, Jimmy and Jey, are also related to Johnson and Reigns through their father, Solofa Fatu Jr., who is better known by his ring name, Rikishi. Rikishi is a cousin of Roman Reigns’ father Sika Anoa’i, who is also a professional wrestler and member of the Anoa’i family. Therefore, the Usos and Reigns are second cousins, and Johnson is their first cousin once removed.

The Samoan connection runs deep in the world of professional wrestling, with many wrestlers from the islands making a name for themselves in the industry. The Anoa’i family, in particular, has produced several notable wrestlers, including Dwayne Johnson, Roman Reigns, and the Usos.

2. Family Support

Despite pursuing different paths within the world of professional wrestling, Dwayne Johnson, Roman Reigns, and the Usos have all received support and encouragement from their family members. Johnson has often spoken about the influence of his grandfather and mother on his career, both of whom were involved in the wrestling industry.

Similarly, Roman Reigns has credited his family for inspiring him to pursue a career in wrestling. “There’s nothing I was more proud of than being able to tell everybody that I was a part of the Anoa’i family,” he said in an interview with ESPN. “Without their guidance and tutelage, I wouldn’t be in this position.”

The Usos have also spoken about the support they have received from their family, particularly their father Rikishi. “Without my dad, there would be no Usos,” Jimmy Uso told Sports Illustrated. “He’s always supported us and kept us positive.”

3. Shared Heritage

One of the reasons that Dwayne Johnson, Roman Reigns, and the Usos have been able to connect with audiences is their shared heritage. As Samoan-Americans, they have spoken openly about their cultural identity and the challenges they have faced growing up in the United States.

One of the ways that the Anoa’i family has celebrated their heritage is through the use of the traditional Samoan dance, the Siva Tau, as part of their wrestling personas. Both Roman Reigns and the Usos incorporate the dance into their entrance routines, while Dwayne Johnson used it during his time in the WWE.

By embracing their cultural background, these wrestlers have been able to connect with fans around the world and inspire a new generation of Samoan-American wrestlers.

4. Samoan Dynasty

With so many wrestlers in the family, it’s no surprise that the Anoa’i family has been dubbed the “Samoan Dynasty.” The family has produced several generations of wrestlers, including the late High Chief Peter Maivia and his son-in-law Rocky Johnson, Dwayne Johnson’s father.

The Anoa’i family also includes other well-known wrestlers such as Yokozuna, Rosey, and Umaga, all of whom have since passed away. Currently, the Anoa’i family continues to be represented in the wrestling world by Roman Reigns, the Usos, and Nia Jax, who is a cousin of Dwayne Johnson and the Rock’s mother’s goddaughter.

The Samoan Dynasty has been a dominant force in professional wrestling for decades, and their legacy continues to live on through the current generation of wrestlers.

5. Beyond Wrestling

While Dwayne Johnson, Roman Reigns, and the Usos have made their mark in the world of professional wrestling, they have also ventured into other areas of entertainment. Dwayne Johnson, in particular, has become a major Hollywood star, appearing in films such as “Jumanji,” “Fast & Furious,” and “Moana.”

Similarly, Roman Reigns has made appearances in television shows and films, including “Hobbs & Shaw” alongside Dwayne Johnson. The Usos have also branched out into other areas, appearing on reality shows such as “Total Divas” and “Miz and Mrs.”

Despite their success outside of wrestling, these performers have not forgotten their roots and continue to represent the Samoan community with pride.


The Anoa’i family has produced some of the most iconic wrestlers in the history of the industry, including Dwayne Johnson, Roman Reigns, and the Usos. Their shared heritage and family bonds have inspired them to pursue careers in wrestling and entertain audiences around the world. Beyond wrestling, these performers have also made a name for themselves in other areas of entertainment, showcasing their diverse talents and representing their cultural background with pride.

While Dwayne Johnson, Roman Reigns, and the Usos may each have their own individual careers and personas, they will always be connected through their Samoan heritage and the Anoa’i family legacy.

Whether they are dominating in the ring or entertaining audiences on the big screen, Dwayne Johnson, Roman Reigns, and the Usos continue to inspire fans around the world with their talent, dedication, and love for their family and culture.

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