Is Lifemark On Amazon Prime

Summary: If you are looking to watch the show Lifemark on Amazon Prime, it is not currently available for streaming on the platform. This article will explore why the show is not available and alternative ways to watch it.

1. What is Lifemark?

Lifemark is a Canadian medical drama series that premiered in 2017 and ran for two seasons. The show follows medical examiner Dr. Kate Murdock and her team as they investigate suspicious deaths in Toronto. The series was praised for its strong performances, intriguing storylines, and accurate depiction of forensic science.

While the show has garnered a loyal fan base, it has struggled to find an audience outside of Canada. One reason for this is its limited availability on streaming platforms. Currently, Lifemark is not available on Amazon Prime, one of the most popular streaming services in the world. This has disappointed many fans who were hoping to catch up on the show or rewatch their favorite episodes.

So why isn’t Lifemark on Amazon Prime?

2. Licensing Issues

One possible reason for Lifemark’s absence from Amazon Prime is licensing issues. This is a common problem that many TV shows and movies face when trying to get added to a streaming platform. In order to show content on their platform, Amazon Prime would need to secure the rights to distribute the show, which can be a complicated process. This could involve negotiating with the production company, the network that aired the show originally, and other parties involved in the production and distribution of the show.

If negotiations fall through or a deal cannot be reached, then the show may not be added to Amazon Prime. Unfortunately for Lifemark fans, it seems that licensing issues may be preventing the show from being added to the streaming platform. This means that there is currently no legal way to watch the show on Amazon Prime.

However, there are still other options for those who want to watch Lifemark.

3. Available Options

While it is not available on Amazon Prime, Lifemark can still be streamed through other platforms. In Canada, fans can watch the show on the CTV website or app, which offers episodes of the series for free. This is a great option for Canadian viewers who want to catch up on the show or watch it for the first time.

For viewers outside of Canada, there are other options for streaming Lifemark. The show is available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play, where individual episodes or entire seasons can be bought and downloaded. This is a good option for those who don’t mind spending a little money to watch the show.

In addition, the show may also be available on other streaming platforms that offer Canadian TV shows and movies, such as Acorn TV or BritBox. While this is not guaranteed, it is worth checking if you have access to these platforms, as they often have a wide selection of Canadian content.


While it is disappointing that Lifemark is not available on Amazon Prime, there are still plenty of ways to watch the show. Whether you live in Canada and can access it for free on CTV, or are willing to buy it on iTunes or Google Play, there are options for everyone to enjoy this intriguing medical drama. So don’t let the absence of Lifemark on Amazon Prime stop you from watching this critically acclaimed series.

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