Is Mother With Jennifer Lawrence On Netflix

Summary: “mother!” is a psychological horror film directed by Darren Aronofsky, and stars Jennifer Lawrence. It tells a story of a woman living with her husband in an isolated house as renovation work continues. However, when uninvited guests start to arrive and disturb the peace, things take a bizarre turn.

1. Jennifer Lawrence’s Performance

The lead role of “mother” is played by Jennifer Lawrence, who delivers an outstanding performance throughout the movie. With minimalist dialogue to work with, Lawrence uses subtle body language and facial expressions to convey her character’s emotions. As the film progresses, Lawrence masterfully portrays the increasing horror and desperation of her character.

Despite the challenging role, Lawrence embodies every layer of “mother’s” character beautifully, making audiences both relate to and fear the character at the same time. Her performance ultimately serves as the backbone of the movie.

Moreover, Lawrence’s acting abilities were acknowledged by critics worldwide, as she was nominated for multiple awards for this role, including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress.

2. The Ambiguity of the Plot

“mother!” is renowned for its ambiguous plot that leaves audiences feeling both intrigued and confused. The storyline keeps changing, giving viewers different perspectives and interpretations throughout the film. While some may argue that the film’s obscure nature is frustrating, others appreciate the thought-provoking storytelling style.

The film plays with allegories, metaphors, and symbolism continuously, which offers plenty of material for post-movie discussion and analysis. Some viewers believe the film presents a commentary on fame, religion, and humanity’s destruction of nature, while others have their interpretations.

Although many are unsure of what the movie intends to convey, it’s undeniable that the ambiguity of “mother!” adds to its allure and unique style.

3. The Cinematography and Sound Design

Besides its compelling plot, “mother!” is praised for its stunning visual and sound effects. Despite the confined setting of the movie, the visuals are nothing short of breathtaking, with wide camera angles, intricate set designs, and creative lighting techniques adding an eerie feel to the movie’s atmosphere.

The sound design is equally impressive, using a continuous background score to create a tension-building feeling. The metallic clinks and snaps increase in pace and intensity, creating an anxious and unsettled tone, amplifying the despair felt by Jennifer Lawrence’s character.

Overall, the combination of striking visuals and well-crafted sound sets an unsettling mood from start to finish while artfully enhancing the film’s storytelling.

4. The Intensity of the Movie

“Mother!” is not for the faint of heart due to its abundant gore and psychological horror. It’s a film that will wring out your nerves, making you wince and gasp in horror at what unfolds on screen.

The escalation of intensity throughout the runtime can be challenging to stomach. Still, it aptly conveys the story’s descent into chaos and captures the tensions that rise between characters. It’s a psychological thriller that takes the phrase “slow burn” to a whole new level, keeping the viewer on edge from start to finish.

If one enjoys shock value and has the stomach for it, this film is perfect for them.

5. The Controversial Nature of the Film

“Mother!” is a polarising film that audiences either love or hate. It divides viewers with its unconventional use of allegory and metaphor, leaving many frustrated or confused by its confusing and open-ended nature.

The film’s violence, brutality, and general darkness have raised criticisms, with many viewers labelling it as a misogynistic and disturbing portrayal of a woman’s experiences. It was also accused of overdoing the metaphors, making them too abstract and confusing to follow.

Despite the controversy, it’s evident that Aronofsky created a film intended to provoke strong reactions and strike up discussions around its themes. While it might not be for everyone, it certainly leaves an impact on those who watch it.


In conclusion, “mother!” is not a film for everyone; it is a dark, disturbing story filled with allegories and metaphors meant to challenge and probe audiences. Jennifer Lawrence’s iconic portrayal of her character and the movie’s cinematography and sound design achieve new heights within the world of cinematic horror.

The story’s obscurity may frustrate some viewers, while others will appreciate the high level of nuance and complexity it adds to the film. Ultimately, whether it’s loved or hated, “mother!” is a movie that will not be easily forgotten.

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