Jamie Foxx On Robert Downey Jr

Summary: Recently, Jamie Foxx opened up about his friend Robert Downey Jr. In an interview, Foxx talked about his admiration for the actor, both professionally and personally.

1. The Mutual Respect Between Two Hollywood Titans

Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. have known each other for over two decades now and their admiration for each other’s work is no secret. Both being Academy Award winners themselves, it is no surprise that they admire each other’s talent. During the interview with Access Hollywood, Foxx was asked about Downey Jr., to which he said that anyone who knows him, or has worked with him, would say that he is a genius. Foxx went on to add that Downey Jr.’s talent is undeniable, as he can play not just comedic characters, but dramatic ones too.

Regardless of their stardom, both actors have been friends for a long time and have shared a lot of personal moments over the years. Foxx described Downey Jr. as one of the most generous people he has ever met and added that he is always there to lend an ear or offer advice. Their relationship blossomed in 2009 while filming the movie, ‘The Soloist,’ where they played the lead roles, and since then, their bond has only strengthened.

One thing that sets Downey Jr. apart is his eclectic career choices, going from the likes of ‘Iron Man’ to ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ and even ‘Tropic Thunder’. Foxx mentioned how when he heard that Downey Jr. was going to be playing Iron Man, he was surprised, but Downey Jr. made it work and became synonymous with the character. Foxx added that he eagerly waits to see what Downey Jr. comes up with next, given his incredible ability to portray any character thrown at him.

2. A Hollywood Actor’s Take on Downey Jr.’s Comeback

We all know Robert Downey Jr.’s story of his rise, fall, and eventual resurrection in Hollywood, and Foxx’s take on it is both insightful and heartwarming. During the interview, Foxx recalled the day he received a call from Downey Jr. after he was cast to play Iron Man. Foxx states that Downey Jr. said, “I’m back!” which Foxx found shocking – for Downey Jr., it was finally time to return to Hollywood.

Foxx also elaborated on their shared experience as struggling actors. The industry has its ups and downs, and both actors have experienced similar lows in their careers. Foxx recalls that during those difficult times, funds were low, but Downey Jr. always had a positive attitude and never gave up. Foxx states that their bond grew stronger during those tough times and was a testament to Downey Jr.’s willpower and determination.

Besides being a great actor and an even better friend, Downey Jr. is also a family man. Foxx mentioned how throughout his career, Downey Jr. has always been there for his wife and kids, and that he values his family time more than anything else. Foxx stated how he would often visit Downey Jr’s home and see him playing with his son, and it was clear how much he cherished his family moments.

3. The Relevance of Robert Downey Jr. in Today’s Hollywood

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest movie stars in the world and has managed to maintain it over the years. Foxx observed that not only does Downey Jr. possess incredible talent, but he also has a unique ability to pick roles that speak to audiences on a global scale. Downey Jr.’s movies have been a major money-spinner for Hollywood, and his recent work in ‘The Avengers’ franchise is proof of that.

Foxx also spoke about Downey Jr.’s philanthropic work and how he has consistently contributed to various charities and causes. Downey Jr. has utilized his platform to raise awareness about issues that are important to him and make a difference in people’s lives. Foxx added that Downey Jr’s transparency and willingness to help others make him stand out as a modern-day superstar.

Finally, Foxx spoke about Downey Jr.’s influence on him personally. Both actors have shared a lot of their personal and professional moments over the years, and it’s clear they have a profound impact on each other. Foxx states that Downey Jr.’s story of redemption is an inspiration to people who feel like they’ve hit rock bottom. He added that Downey Jr.’s resilience and commitment serve as a constant reminder that success is not just about talent, but also about perseverance.


In conclusion, Jamie Foxx’s interview about Robert Downey Jr. sheds light on the mutual admiration and respect that both actors share. Foxx’s anecdotes offer a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of two of Hollywood’s biggest names. Their career choices, family values, and philanthropic work set Downey Jr. apart from the rest of the pack. For Foxx, Downey Jr. is not just a friend, but also an inspiration. As we gawk over Downey Jr.’s acting chops and unconquerable box office records, Foxx’s depiction reminds us why he is the beloved Downey Jr. – a remarkable actor, a stellar human being, and a true inspiration for many.

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