Jennifer Lawrence Birth Chart

Summary: In astrology, a birth chart is a map of where exactly all the planets were in their journey around the Sun at the moment an individual was born. Jennifer Lawrence, one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, was born on August 15th, 1990, in Louisville, Kentucky. Let’s explore Jennifer Lawrence’s birth chart and understand how this positioning of various celestial objects influences her personality and career.

1. The Sun sign and Rising sign

Jennifer Lawrence was born with her Sun sign in Leo and her Ascendant in Sagittarius. This combination makes her confident, bold and expressive. She has a dynamic personality that is both warm and independent. The fire energy of Sagittarius Ascendant is balanced by her Sun in Leo, which makes her passionate about her work and creative pursuits. Add to that her Moon in Gemini, and she has a versatile personality that can adapt quickly to changing situations.

However, her Moon in Gemini can also make her restless and easily distracted. She may be challenged with staying focused on one thing for too long. Her Sagittarius Ascendant gives her a love for adventure and travel, but it can also make her blunt and tactless at times.

Overall, Jennifer’s Leo Sun and Sagittarius Ascendant combination creates a charismatic and enthusiastic public persona, always ready for attention and adventure.

2. The Moon sign and Mercury placement

The Moon placement in a person’s birth chart represents their emotions, inward nature, and subconscious mind. For Jennifer Lawrence, her Moon is in Gemini, which gives her a curious, adaptable, and playful nature. She enjoys learning new things and sharing her experiences with others.

Mercury, the ruling planet of communication and intellect, is strongly placed in Virgo in Jennifer’s birth chart. This placement gives her a sharp mind that is analytical and detail-oriented. She may be a perfectionist when it comes to her craft, and she works hard to perfect her performances.

Jennifer may also be prone to overthinking and getting bogged down in the little details. It’s important for her to learn to let go at times and trust her instincts.

3. Venus and Mars placement

Venus represents love, beauty, and relationships, while Mars represents action, drive, and desire. Jennifer Lawrence has both Venus and Mars in Cancer, which indicates a strong emotional nature when it comes to relationships. She may feel deeply connected to her loved ones and be protective of their feelings.

Her Mars in Cancer placement can give her a sensitive response to criticism and rejection, and she may sometimes retreat into herself and avoid confrontation. It’s important for her to learn to express her emotions in a healthy way and not let them build up inside.

Overall, Jennifer’s Venus and Mars placements indicate that she may value emotional security in her relationships and be willing to work hard to maintain them.

4. Jupiter and Saturn placement

Jupiter and Saturn are known as the social planets, and they influence how individuals interact with society at large. Jupiter represents growth, expansion, and opportunities, while Saturn represents discipline, structure, and authority. In Jennifer’s birth chart, Jupiter is in Cancer, indicating a nurturing and protective attitude towards friends and family.

Saturn is in Capricorn, indicating that Jennifer may have a disciplined and responsible approach to her career and life goals. She may take a cautious approach to new projects and seek stability in her choices. However, this placement can also make her prone to self-doubt and an overly critical view of herself.

Overall, Jennifer’s Jupiter and Saturn placements indicate a balance between nurturing relationships and taking a disciplined approach to her career and personal goals.

5. Uranus and Neptune placement

Uranus represents change, innovation, and progress, while Neptune represents imagination, creativity, and spirituality. In Jennifer’s birth chart, Uranus is in Capricorn and Neptune is in Capricorn as well, indicating a strong emphasis on practicality and groundedness in her approach to life.

However, this placement can also make her overly cautious and resistant to change. It’s important for Jennifer to be open to new experiences and ideas and not get stuck in limiting belief systems.

Jennifer may also have a strong interest in art, music, and spirituality, thanks to the influence of Neptune in her birth chart.


Jennifer Lawrence’s birth chart reveals a dynamic and curious personality with a love for adventure and creativity. Her Leo Sun and Sagittarius Ascendant combination give her a confident and expressive public persona, while her Gemini Moon and Virgo Mercury placement indicate a sharp mind and a thirst for knowledge. Her Venus and Mars placements indicate a strong emotional nature in relationships, while her Jupiter and Saturn placements indicate a balanced approach to nurturing relationships and career goals. Finally, her Uranus and Neptune placements indicate a practical yet imaginative approach to life.

Understanding and embracing these influences from her birth chart can help Jennifer navigate challenges and strengthen her personal and professional growth.

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