Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt Roast

Summary: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are two very popular actors in Hollywood. Recently, they made headlines after appearing on a British talk show and taking part in a hilarious roast. The two stars poked fun at each other’s careers, personal lives, and even their looks. Fans of both actors were delighted by the witty banter and showed their appreciation on social media.

1. The Roast

The Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt roast took place during an appearance on the Graham Norton Show. The two stars were promoting their film Passengers and were asked to participate in a playful roast. Jennifer Lawrence opened the roast by commenting on how perfect Chris Pratt seems to be. She joked that he always seemed well-groomed and was even a good tipper at restaurants. Chris Pratt responded by poking fun at Jennifer Lawrence’s infamous clumsiness and tendency to trip over things.

This marked the beginning of a back-and-forth exchange that had the whole audience laughing. The friendly banter continued for several minutes, with each star taking turns teasing the other. Some of the topics covered during the roast included their respective acting ability, their appearances, and their personal lives. Despite the teasing, it was clear that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have a great deal of respect for each other.

The roast was widely praised by fans on social media, with many commenters expressing their admiration for the two stars’ wit and humor. Others noted that the roast was a refreshing break from the usual scripted interviews that actors give while promoting their movies.

2. Highlights

Some of the highlights of the Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt roast include Jennifer Lawrence’s comment about Chris Pratt being like a golden retriever. She compared his constant positivity to the energy and enthusiasm of everyone’s favorite family pet. Chris Pratt responded by jokingly insisting that he was not always positive, and that sometimes he was really angry.

Another memorable moment from the roast was when Chris Pratt compared Jennifer Lawrence to a famous horror movie doll. He did so after Jennifer Lawrence recounted how she had terrified her Passengers co-star during an escape room experience. Chris Pratt joked that she was like “Chucky in a dress,” referencing the creepy doll from the horror film series Child’s Play.

The entire roast was filled with witty one-liners and clever comebacks. Fans of both actors praised their ability to take and give jokes, noting that it takes a certain level of confidence to be able to laugh at oneself in such a public forum.

3. Off-Screen Relationship

One of the reasons that the Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt roast was so entertaining was because of the off-screen friendship between the two stars. Jennifer Lawrence has spoken publicly about how much she enjoys working with Chris Pratt, calling him “a really good actor and an even better person.”

Chris Pratt, for his part, has also been effusive in his praise of Jennifer Lawrence. He has described her as “one of the most talented actresses I’ve ever met” and has credited her with helping him to feel comfortable on the set of Passengers.

Their friendship was evident during the roast, as they joked with each other and seemed to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Many fans of both actors were delighted to see that they had developed a close bond while filming the movie.

4. Impact on Social Media

The Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt roast quickly went viral on social media, with clips of the exchange being shared widely on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Fans expressed their delight at the unexpected comedic talent displayed by the two actors. Many commented that they had never seen Jennifer Lawrence or Chris Pratt in such a lighthearted and playful mood before.

Others noted that the roast helped to humanize the two stars, showing that they are not above making fun of themselves or each other. This relatability has endeared them to many fans and has helped to cement their positions as two of Hollywood’s most popular actors.

The social media impact of the Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt roast continues to be felt, with many fans hoping to see the two stars work together again in the future.


The Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt roast was a delightful bit of entertainment that showcased the wit and humor of two of Hollywood’s most talented actors. Fans were treated to a charming and lighthearted exchange that highlighted the friendship between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The roast also served as a reminder that even the biggest stars in Hollywood are not above poking fun at themselves and each other. All in all, it was a fun and memorable moment that will undoubtedly continue to be talked about for years to come.

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