John Bosa Height

Summary: John Bosa is a former American professional football player who played as a defensive end. He has been known for his impressive height, which has always been a topic of interest among fans. In this article, we will discuss John Bosa’s height and explore different aspects of this topic.

1. Bosa’s Height Compared to Other Players

John Bosa stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches, which is taller than the average height of NFL players. The average height of NFL players is around 6 feet 2 inches, making Bosa stand out on the field.

His height provided him with several advantages, including better line vision, longer reach, and more significant impact while tackling. His height was also one of the essential factors, attracting recruiters to sign him on their teams.

Bosa’s height was even more impressive when compared to some of the most prominent players in NFL history. Players like Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, and Walter Payton stood between 5’8″ and 5’10”, which made Bosa appear like a giant on the field.

2. Does Height Affect Performance?

Several studies have shown that taller players have an advantage over shorter ones, especially in positions such as defensive end or offensive tackle. The taller players are considered to be better at preventing tackles due to their longer reach, and they can knock down passes with ease.

Moreover, taller players have broader shoulders and large hands, which provide them with better grip and coverage over the ball. They can also deliver higher hits and keep the opponent’s offence at bay if their teammates work with them efficiently.

However, while height may provide an advantage, it does not guarantee success. Some of the shortest NFL players like Doug Flutie and Darren Sproles have had successful careers due to their exceptional skill set and work ethic.

3. Bosa’s Height in High School and College

John Bosa started playing football in his freshman year of high school at Keene High School, New Hampshire. He played as a defensive tackle and established himself as one of the best players on the team.

Bosa went on to attend Boston College to play college football and continued to build his reputation. However, when Bosa was initially recruited to the college, he was only about 6 feet tall. By the time he graduated, he had grown to 6 feet 4 inches, which bolstered his draft stock for the NFL.

Bosa’s height was even more impressive in college, as the average height of players in his position was around 6 feet 2 inches or less. This contributed to his success at college and made him an even more attractive prospect for the NFL draft.

4. Impact of Height in Draft Stock

Height is amongst the crucial factors that are considered during the scouting process for recruitment in the NFL. Taller players are advantageous over shorter ones, primarily in positions such as offensive and defensive lineman, tight ends, and wide receivers.

Moreover, scouts usually prefer taller players in the Draft because they have a wider range of options in terms of skill set and roles that they can perform. Tall players can also adapt to several formations, giving coaches more alternatives to compensate for shortcoming that may emerge in the team.

Judging from what the scouts value, Bosa’s height made him an attractive prospect for the NFL. This allowed him to be drafted higher in the rounds and gave him a better chance to have a successful career in football which he did indeed have.

5. Maintaining Height in Retirement

Despite retiring from football, height remained an essential factor for John Bosa. He imparted the values of maintaining height to his sons, including Nick Bosa, a rookie defensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers. In a statement, John Bosa mentioned that he always encouraged and insisted his sons engage in vertical jump training regularly.

Even though the focus on vertical jump training was to improve athleticism, it had a significant correlation with their height as well. Both Nick and Joey, who is a player at the Los Angeles Chargers, are both over 6 feet and are outliers in their family’s genetics. They attribute their height partly to strict Long-term commitment to such exercises.

Height remains an essential component of football, and for the Bosa siblings, it seems to be in their DNA as well. Maintaining a steady vertical jump training can not only enhance an athlete’s physical attributes but develop foundational skills such as discipline and perseverance for long term achievement.


In conclusion, John Bosa’s height, which stands at 6 feet 4 inches, was a significant contributing factor to his success in football. His impressive height provided several undeniable advantages, including better line vision, longer reach, and more extensive impact while tackling.

While height may appear like the only critical criterion for a person’s success, it is vital to remember that other factors such as hard work, skill, and discipline can make one successful as well. Overall, height was one of the many attributes that made John Bosa stand out in his career as a professional football player.

Last but not least, learning from John Bosa’s personal training methods and tips, athletes might consider focusing on a long term commitment to working on foundational skills and techniques that may not only enhance their physical attributes but develop a disciplined and perseverant approach to achieving long term goals.

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