Kenneth Handler Cause Of Death

Summary: Kenneth Handler’s cause of death has been a topic of discussion since his sudden passing in 2019. A renowned plastic surgeon, Handler was found dead inside his car with a gunshot wound to the head. Speculations surrounding his death have led to numerous rumors and conspiracy theories.

1. Background Information

Kenneth Brett Handler was born on 26th May 1965 in New York. A highly respected plastic surgeon, Handler’s clientele included numerous celebrities and high-profile clients. In addition to his successful practice, Handler was also a clinical assistant professor at Mount Sinai Hospital and worked as an attending physician at Hackensack University Medical Center. He was married with three children.

In October 2019, Handler was found dead in his parked car at a strip mall in Westchester County. The police arrived at the scene after receiving reports of gunshots. Upon arrival, they discovered Handler’s body with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Police recovered a handgun from inside the vehicle.

Handler’s sudden death came as a shock to many of his colleagues, patients and loved ones. It also sparked speculation about possible motives behind his decision to end his life.

2. Theories Surrounding His Death

The nature of Handler’s death stirred up a flurry of rumors and conspiracy theories. Some people believe that Handler’s suicide was triggered by allegations of medical malpractice, which were said to be causing financial and legal problems for him.

Others speculate that his death was related to his personal life – perhaps there was infidelity or other negative events that he was dealing with. Some have even suggested that there could have been foul play involved, and that the gunshot wound did not come from Handler’s own hand.

Despite these speculations, there has been no concrete evidence to suggest any particular cause of death. The official ruling on Handler’s death remains a suicide.

3. Health Issues

At the time of his death, Handler was reportedly suffering from Lyme disease – a tick-borne bacterial infection. According to an article published in the Daily News, Handler had been diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2019 after experiencing symptoms for several months.

The disease had caused Handler to miss work and forced him to change his lifestyle. He was said to be on antibiotics for a prolonged period to control the infection. Some people believe that Handler’s declining health could have played a role in his decision to end his life.

Others, however, refute these claims stating that Handler had always been a dedicated and resilient individual who did not let obstacles get in his way.

4. Personal Problems

Handler’s death has also raised questions about possible personal problems that he may have been dealing with. Despite having three children and being married, Handler was known to be a private individual who kept his personal life under wraps.

Some rumors suggest that Handler’s marriage was going through a rough patch, and that he was struggling with the pressures of balancing his professional and personal life. However, no concrete evidence has surfaced to substantiate these claims.

Others speculate that Handler may have been dealing with mental health issues or depression, which are often not openly discussed or acknowledged. Mental health issues can be very challenging to manage, and it is possible that Handler’s condition may have contributed to his decision to end his life.

5. Legacy and Impact

Kenneth Handler’s death was a great loss to the plastic surgery community. He was highly regarded for his skills and professionalism, and his clients and colleagues held him in high esteem.

Handler’s death has led to discussions about mental health awareness among medical professionals – a topic that is often stigmatized within the healthcare field. It has also highlighted the importance of seeking help when dealing with personal or professional issues, and the importance of being open about one’s struggles.

As a renowned plastic surgeon, Handler has left behind a lasting legacy through his contributions to the field. While his sudden death remains a mystery, his work and achievements will always be remembered.


Kenneth Handler’s cause of death remains a topic of debate, with many speculations and rumors surrounding his passing. Despite a lack of concrete evidence, his death has raised important discussions about mental health and personal struggles among medical professionals.

While we may never know the true motives behind Kenneth Handler’s tragic death, we can continue to remember and celebrate his life and contributions to his field. Rest in peace, Dr. Handler.

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