King Of Coke Living The High Life

Summary: The “King of Coke” was a notorious drug lord who lived a luxurious life, surrounded by wealth and power. This article will explore the various aspects of his extravagant lifestyle.

1. The Beginning of His Reign

The “King of Coke,” also known as Pablo Escobar, rose to power in the 1970s during Colombia’s cocaine boom. He began by smuggling small amounts of cocaine into the United States, eventually expanding his operation into a multibillion-dollar drug empire. With his wealth, he purchased extravagant properties both in Colombia and around the world, including an estate in Miami Beach and a private island in the Caribbean.

Along with his financial success, Escobar gained immense political power in Colombia. He had close relationships with politicians, law enforcement officers, and even the Colombian military. This allowed him to operate freely and without consequence for many years. However, his reign came to an end when he was finally caught by authorities and killed in 1993.

Despite his violent tactics and detrimental impact on society, Escobar remains a romanticized figure in popular culture due to his lavish way of life.

2. Lavish Properties

Escobar’s wealth allowed him to live in extravagance that most people can only dream of. Along with his private island and Miami Beach mansion, he owned a sprawling estate in Medellin, Colombia, that featured a zoo with exotic animals such as hippos and elephants. He also owned numerous other properties throughout Colombia, including apartments and hotels that he used to launder his drug money.

Escobar’s Miami Beach mansion, which was built in 1948, was purchased by him in 1980 for $762,500. He spent $2.1 million renovating the home, which now includes an elaborate security system and a safe room. Despite being seized by the government in the 1990s, the mansion still stands today and is occasionally used for events and television filming.

Escobar’s lifestyle of excess extended to his family as well. His wife and children had access to countless luxury goods and services, including private jets, yachts, and helicopters.

3. The Cost of Luxury

Escobar’s wealth and power came at a significant cost. His drug empire contributed to the deaths of thousands of people, including police officers, journalists, and innocent civilians. Additionally, the drug trade led to widespread violence and societal damage in Colombia and other regions where cocaine use was prevalent.

While Escobar’s properties and possessions were certainly lavish, they were also poignant reminders of the immense wealth inequality in Colombia. The vast majority of citizens lived in poverty while he lived in excess, often flaunting his wealth and power through public displays such as throwing extravagant parties and distributing money to the poor. These attempts to gain public favor also served as a cover for his illicit activities.

The price of Escobar’s luxury was ultimately paid by many, including himself. He lived in fear of retaliation from those he had wronged, and was eventually killed by Colombian authorities during a raid on his Medellin hideout.

4. Pop Culture Influence

Escobar’s life and legacy have been glamorized in popular culture, especially through the Netflix series “Narcos.” While the show dramatizes many aspects of his life and omits some of the violent acts he committed, it has given rise to a cult following of sorts. His image can be found on merchandise such as t-shirts and phone cases, and his name is often referenced in music and other media.

While there is certainly fascination with Escobar’s lifestyle, it’s important to remember the immense harm that he caused. The real-life effects of his drug operation are far-reaching and devastating, and should not be overlooked or romanticized.

In recent years, there has been pushback against glorifying figures like Escobar. Critics argue that such depictions ignore the negative impact of drug trafficking and lionize criminals who have caused significant harm to society.


The “King of Coke” may have lived a life of luxury and excess, but his legacy is marked by violence and destruction. His extravagant properties and possessions were built on the backs of countless individuals who suffered as a result of his drug empire. While he remains a popular figure in media, it’s important to remember the true cost of his success.

Society should work towards dismantling the glamorization of drug traffickers and instead focus on the lives and experiences of those who have been most affected by their actions. Understanding the true consequences of Escobar’s lifestyle can serve as a reminder of the dangers of unchecked power and the importance of creating a more equitable society for all.

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