Masterchef Us Season 12 Winner

Summary: Learn all about the exciting and nail-biting season 12 of MasterChef US, including the details of the eventual winner. Follow the journey of contestants as they compete in increasingly challenging culinary tasks and impress celebrity judges with their culinary skills. Ultimately, one individual rises to the top and takes home the coveted title of MasterChef US season 12 winner.

1. The Journey to the Top

Intense competition, heart-stopping challenges, and a drive to succeed – these were some of the factors that defined Season 12 of MasterChef US. From the several thousands of hopeful culinary contenders selected from across the country, only 15 made it to the initial rounds. These finalists had to battle it out through an array of tough cooking tasks to make it to the top 10, who then went on to compete fiercely for the ultimate prize.

The challenges in this season of Masterchef US were by far some of the most demanding culinary battles ever fought in the history of the show. From creatively whipping up meals in limited time constrained settings, cooking outdoors using unsophisticated indigenous ingredients, creating unique recipes from distinct cuisines; competitors brought it all to the table. And were faced with fast elimination or a chance to progress to the next round, every single task sweating them towards becoming the MasterChef US season 12 winner.

As the competition tightened, each contender was pushed to their creative limits and refined their dishes under the watchful eyes of celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Aaron Sanchez. Pursuing the clear goal of winning, competitive spirit, and a bit of luck helped each aspiring chef gain inspiration and learn from the feedback dishes from the judges. Each round, the intensity of the competition grew, forging a fierce pack of culinary virtuosos.

2. The Finalists

As the competition progressed, the original 15 competitors were narrowed down to just a handful. Eventually, the top 5 finalists stood before us, demonstrating their unrivaled culinary skills and dexterity to push through desserts, savory dishes, and cooking meals for restaurant patrons and industry experts. As each one battled to showcase their creativity, technical skills, and passion for food, it boiled down to the final two -Gerron Hurt and Ashley Mincey.

Both Hurt and Mincey displayed incredible prowess in the kitchen, learning fast, and bouncing back strong with every challenge thrown their way. Whether it was exploring new spices and ingredients or conquering unexpected twists in each challenge, they left no stone unturned in their pursuit of culinary excellence. They proved that even if their cooking styles were different, the one thing that united them was their will-to-win in the competition.

Hurt, in particular, made strides as an exceptional chef during the later episodes and brought his notable comfort-style cooking to the foreground of the show. His ability to re-invent classic, time-honored Southern cuisine recipes while also being able to add exciting flavor twists, captivated judges and viewers alike. With his gumbo, fried catfish, barbeque meats, and other soulful dishes, he clinched the title of the MasterChef US season 12 winner.

3. Gerron’s Winning Skills

Throughout the season, Gerron’s incredible talent and culinary vision propelled him to the forefront of the then-strong contestants’ pack. He demonstrated exceptional expertise in executing complex dishes and mastered various techniques in fine-tuning flavors and textures. He knew how to incorporate traditional Southern soul food flavors into his personal style, taking it up a notch with innovative spins and plating options and presenting dishes that made judges lick their fingers.

Another winning strategy used by Gerron was his versatility. He showed he could handle any cooking technique required of him, whether it was grilling, smoking, or baking. An example was seen in the final challenge when he won the contest by creating a delectable 30-layered chocolate cake along with other well-thought-out dishes. His fixation on using locally available ingredients and drawing from his life experiences and travels inspired him to create a unique masterpiece.

Finally, it was Gerron’s spirit of collaboration that remarkably contributed to him being crowned the winner. He showed tremendous respect for his fellow contestants and worked extremely well in a team environment. This spirit of co-operation at different times helped him as a team leader, putting him ahead. It is no surprise that it’s one of Gordon Ramsey’s favorite qualities too.


The twelfth season of MasterChef US was one of the most exhilarating competitions yet, showcasing some of the best culinary talent across the nation. The winner, Gerron Hurt, emerged as a true chef with the ability to master the demanding tasks thrust upon them in each challenge. His talent for taking Soul-style, Southern offerings and adding an exciting twist puts him in a great place to pursue a career in the culinary world. With a cocktail of remarkable skills, passion for cooking, and unbridled creativity; Gerron, the MasterChef US season 12 winner, has secured a spot in the forefront of culinary stardom and added to the show’s celebrated legacy.

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