Naruto Television Show Season 4

Summary: Naruto is a popular Japanese TV show, animated by Studio Pierrot and based on the manga series of the same name. Season 4 of the show covers episodes 79-104, where Naruto’s journey continues as he trains under Jiraiya to become stronger, deals with Orochimaru’s schemes, and reunites with his friends from the Hidden Leaf village. This season is full of action, suspense and emotional moments, making it a must-watch for any fan of the series.

1. Naruto’s Training with Jiraiya

Naruto sets out on a journey with Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin, to train and get stronger. This new phase of his training involves mastering a technique called the Rasengan, which is a powerful ball of chakra that can cause massive damage. Naruto struggles to learn this technique and faces various obstacles, such as the lack of control over his chakra. However, as he continues to train, he gradually gains more control and eventually masters the Rasengan in his own unique way. This training arc not only shows Naruto’s perseverance but also highlights Jiraiya’s role as a mentor in guiding him towards becoming a better ninja.

Naruto’s journey with Jiraiya also leads him to meeting some interesting characters, such as Tsunade, another of the legendary Sannin who will later become Hokage, and also some members of the Hidden Sand village. The moments where Naruto learns about his tragic past and how he is connected to the leader of the Akatsuki organization, Pain, are some of the emotional highlights of this arc. Overall, watching Naruto’s growth as a character during his training with Jiraiya is one of the standout features of season 4.

The training arc also serves as a way to introduce some new plot lines, mainly the Akatsuki’s plan to capture all the tailed beasts, including Naruto’s Nine-Tailed Fox. This threat hangs over the story, creating suspense and foreshadowing for the later seasons of the show.

2. Orochimaru’s Schemes Unveiled

The arc involving Orochimaru’s scheme to destroy the Hidden Leaf village is one of the most action-packed parts of season 4. Orochimaru, a former member of the Hidden Leaf village who betrayed his comrades, has been plotting his revenge and plans to unleash a deadly attack during the Chunin exams. Naruto and his friends become embroiled in this plot as they participate in the exams, with Orochimaru targeting Sasuke in particular.

The fight scenes in this arc are some of the best in the series so far, showcasing the unique powers of each character. Naruto’s battles against Kabuto and Gaara stand out, with his growth and determination on full display. The stakes are high, with the fate of the Hidden Leaf village hanging in the balance. The emotional climax of this arc comes from the confrontation between Sasuke and Naruto, where Sasuke makes a fateful decision that sets him on a different path.

This arc also serves as a development for some of the side characters, such as Shikamaru, who shows his strategic skills in leading his team, and Hinata, who confesses her feelings to Naruto in a touching moment. Overall, this arc elevates the excitement and tension of the series while fleshing out some of its secondary characters.

3. The Reunion of the Hidden Leaf Ninja

After the chaos caused by the Chunin exams, Naruto and his friends return to the Hidden Leaf village, only to find that things have changed. The village is on high alert due to Orochimaru’s continued threats, and Naruto’s friends have been promoted to higher ranks as part of their heroic efforts during the exams. The reunion of the Hidden Leaf ninja is a chance for them to catch up and reflect on their growth.

This arc provides a breather from the intense action of the previous one and allows the viewers to appreciate the bonds between each character. The playful interactions between Naruto and his friends, such as their attempt to peek at Tsunade’s bathing ritual, adds a lighthearted tone to the show. However, the underlying tension remains present as the threat of the Akatsuki looms in the background.

This arc also sets up some plot developments for the future, including Sasuke’s decision to leave the village to seek out Orochimaru for power. The ending of this arc is bittersweet as Naruto says goodbye to his friends, knowing that they will be going on their separate paths in the search for power and resolution.


Season 4 of Naruto is a thrilling continuation of the series, with its focus on Naruto’s training with Jiraiya, Orochimaru’s schemes, and the reunion of the Hidden Leaf ninja. The character development, fight scenes, and emotional moments all make it a season that keeps viewers engaged and invested in the story. It also sets up some of the major plot points that will play out in later seasons, making it an essential part of the Naruto story. If you’re a fan of the series, do not miss out on season 4.

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