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Summary: “Nelly” is an American reality TV show that premiered on October 7, 2021, on BET network. The show follows the life of legendary rapper Nelly, his career, and personal relationships. With a mix of drama and comedy, it has become a fan favorite in a short period of time.

1. Nelly’s Career

Nelly began his music career in 1993 with the rap group “St. Lunatics” before launching his solo career in 2000 with his album Country Grammar. He has won multiple Grammy awards and has sold over 21 million albums in the US alone, making him one of the best-selling rap artists of all time. Throughout the show, viewers get to see different aspects of his musical journey, including his creative process and collaborations with other artists.

The show also captures moments where Nelly performs live for his fans, giving viewers insight into his stage performances. We also get to see how he manages his tours, recording sessions, and various other work commitments.

Additionally, the show highlights some of Nelly’s charitable efforts in the form of his organization “4Sho4Kids Foundation,” which helps underprivileged children in St. Louis, Missouri, and his hometown of Austin, Texas.

2. Nelly as a Dad

One of the central premises of the show is Nelly’s role as a father to his two children, Chanelle and Cornell Jr. While we get glimpses of his family life in other reality shows, Nelly gives fans an up-close look into his parenting style and how he balances his career and family life. Viewers also get a peek into Chanelle’s daily life and her endeavors as a budding businesswoman.

Through interviews and private conversations, Nelly expresses the importance of being present for his children and how he makes time for them despite his hectic schedule. His parenting skills, how he deals with challenges as a single father and his relationship with his children are all explored in the show.

Moreover, Nelly’s concerns as a father, such as discipline, safety, and education, are assiduously addressed in this show.

3. Love Life

The show also features Nelly’s love life as he tries to navigate the complex world of dating while being a high profile celebrity. Ashanti, Nelly’s ex-girlfriend and fellow singer, makes an appearance on the show, reigniting the old flame. Nelly’s girlfriend and fiancée of six years, Shantel Jackson, is also featured throughout the series. Their relationship history and future plans are explored in detail, including plans for a larger family.

As expected in any reality show, there is no shortage of drama and controversy in the couple’s rocky past and present. The show delves into their struggles as they try to balance their personalities, career obligations and aspirations concerning their intimate and often public relationship.

Despite the tumultuous nature of their relationships, Nelly and Jackson have shown a consistent bond and commitment to building an extraordinary family life together. This section of the show captivates viewers with its intriguing dynamics and twisty plotlines.

4. Personal Life Outside Music

When not on stage or at home, Nelly enjoys a range of hobbies and interests, many of which feature on the show. Viewers get to see the rapper living his best life outside of work, which involves high-energy activities like skydiving and jamming with friends, balanced by moments of solitude such as meditation and self-reflection.

The show also gives fans a glimpse of Nelly’s fashion choices and a look into his sneaker collection. This segment of the show serves as entertainment as viewers get an intimate view of Nelly’s personal quirks and interests.

Lastly, the show delves into Nelly’s family background, his relationship with his parents, siblings, and his childhood memories.


In conclusion, “Nelly” is a must-watch show for any fan of the rapper or any reality TV enthusiast. It does not shy away from exploring sensitive topics such as his past struggles with depression and drug abuse. Nor does it shy away from addressing allegations against him in the press. The show offers a holistic view of the multidimensional artist known as Nelly who has made an impact on pop culture over the last two decades.

Aside from the famous rapper himself, the show provides a fascinating insight into the lives of his family and loved ones. The producers’ ability to showcase Nelly’s complexity, express his love for his kids and partner, and explore his exciting yet challenging professional endeavors create a provocative and thrilling viewing experience that is ultimately satisfying to watch.

A treat for fans of hip-hop and reality television, the show masterfully combines Nelly’s personal story with his musical career, leaving viewers yearning for more episode after episode.

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