Netflix Angel Beats

Summary: Netflix’s Angel Beats is a heartwarming anime that tells the story of Otonashi, an amnesiac boy who finds himself in a school-like afterlife where he meets a group of students fighting against an enigmatic angel.

1. Characters

Otonashi is the protagonist who struggles to understand and remember his past while being drawn into the battle against angel. He meets a unique group of students each coping with their own tragic backstory. These characters, such as Yurippe, were written with great depth resulting in thought-provoking dialogue and emotional scenes that make Angel Beats stand apart from other anime.

Take TK for example, a quirky student who lacks basic communication skills yet manages to express himself through singing and dancing, the perfect attributes to highlight the show’s powerful message on the true value of life. The depth of every character’s background lets viewers connect with them on a personal level and leaves a lasting impression long after the series ends.

The character development throughout the show emphasizes the importance of friendship and trusting one another which adds to its wholesome themes of love and respect.

2. Plot and Pacing

Angel Beats’ plot revolves around a band of students attempting to restore joy to their lives in the afterlife by rebelling against their perceived fate. Despite its supernatural setting, the show explores human emotions and encounters, making it relatable to all ages, exploring how our connection to others gives meaning to our lives.

The pacing is exceptional in Angel Beats, with each episode leaving you eager for more. It executes comedy, action, and drama ideals throughout the anime without one aspect diminishing the other. The clever use of storytelling makes the show’s ideas and plot progression well balanced and nourishing.

The music of Angel Beats perfectly complements the story and is another standout feature of this anime. From the emotional piano score to the adrenaline-pumping battle themes, the soundtrack strikes a chord with viewers and elevates the show’s quality to new heights.

3. Themes and Messages

The underlying themes in Angel Beats are quite heavy amidst the lighthearted facade of the afterlife school setting. The theme of redemption and atonement is explored through each character’s tragic backstories, allowing the audience to reflect on how love and selflessness can restitch even the most broken hearts.

The show celebrates life, focusing on the beauty of memories and aims to communicate that every second of life is precious. This point is made especially well in the story’s ending, where it emphasizes the importance of living a life free of regrets — a reminder that we must cherish our time here on earth with the people we care about.

Angel Beats teaches us that everyone has their struggles, and nothing in life can be taken for granted; therefore, we should be grateful for every moment and always strive to live life to the fullest.


With excellent character development, an exciting plot, and a powerful message, Angel Beats is a moving anime series that is sure to touch your heart. Its strong character relationships and depth give viewers something to think about for a long time after the show ends. Its focus on making the most of one’s life with the people they care about is an exceptional message that resonates with many individuals regardless of age.

This show is more than just a regular anime series – it is a work of art that will undoubtedly stay with you for a long time. With its stunning OST and incredible writing, everyone should give Angel Beats a chance whether you’re an anime fan or not.

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