Oh My Assistant Ep 2 Eng Sub

Summary: Oh My Assistant is a popular Korean drama series that follows the story of a cold-hearted CEO and his diligent assistant. Episode 2 of the series has gained a lot of attention from fans, and for good reason. This episode offers some interesting plot developments as well as some delightful romantic moments that will leave viewers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

1. The Beginning of a Workplace Romance

In this episode, we see the relationship between the CEO and his assistant shift from a purely professional one to something a little more personal. Their bickering and banter begin to take on a playful tone, showcasing a chemistry that could lead to a workplace romance. The scene where they accidentally touch hands sends sparks flying, and viewers can’t help but root for their love story to unfold.

However, both characters are also struggling with their own personal issues, which may complicate things and hinder the development of a romantic relationship. The CEO is still dealing with the trauma of a past relationship, while the assistant is trying to juggle her job responsibilities with her own family problems. It will be interesting to see how their relationship will develop amidst these challenges.

Despite the challenges they face, fans are excited to see the beginnings of a possible romance between the two leads and are eagerly anticipating what the future holds for them.

2. Challenges in the Workplace

As the CEO and his assistant navigate their shifting relationship, they must also contend with various challenges in the workplace. In this episode, they deal with a difficult client who is demanding and near impossible to please. We get to see the assistant’s problem-solving skills in action as she comes up with creative solutions to satisfy the client’s needs.

Additionally, we see the CEO’s sharp business acumen as he makes tough decisions that benefit the company but may not be popular with all of the employees. This adds an interesting layer to the drama, as we see the characters juggling both personal and professional challenges.

It’s these workplace challenges that keep the drama engaging and dynamic, and fans are excited to see what other obstacles the characters will face in the future.

3. Supporting Characters Add Depth

While the main focus of this episode is on the developing relationship between the CEO and his assistant, the supporting characters also play an important role in adding depth and nuance to the drama. We get to see more of the assistant’s family and learn about the difficulties they are facing, which helps to explain her own struggles.

Additionally, we get to see more of the CEO’s past relationship, which gives insight into his current behavior. The supporting characters aren’t just there for background decoration – they add complexity to the story and make the world of the drama feel more real.

The intricate relationships and interactions between all the characters help to make Oh My Assistant a well-crafted and engaging series that is sure to keep viewers hooked.


Episode 2 of Oh My Assistant continues to impress with its thoughtful and engaging storytelling. The budding romance between the CEO and his assistant adds a delightful touch of romance to the workplace drama, while the various challenges they face in the workplace help to keep the story dynamic and engaging.

The supporting characters add depth to the plot and make the world of the drama feel more expansive and real. Overall, Oh My Assistant Episode 2 is a must-watch for fans of workplace dramas and romantic comedies alike. Viewers can’t wait to see what happens next in this captivating series.

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