Pilita Corrales Age

Summary: Pilita Corrales, a renowned singer and actress from the Philippines, has been entertaining audiences for decades. As she continues to perform, many are curious about her age and how she manages to maintain her talent and beauty over the years.

1. Early Life and Career

Pilita Corrales was born on August 22, 1939, in Cebu City, Philippines. She discovered her passion for music at a young age and began performing on local radio stations as a teenager. In 1957, at the age of 18, she moved to Manila to pursue a career in show business.

In Manila, Corrales landed a job as a recording artist for Vicor Music Corporation. Her first single, “Kapantay Ay Langit,” became a hit and helped launch her career. She went on to release numerous albums throughout the 1960s and 1970s, solidifying her status as one of the most popular singers in the Philippines.

Corrales’ talent extended beyond singing; she also acted in numerous movies and television shows. Her acting career began in the 1960s with small roles in films like “Miss Tilapia.” She went on to star in several hit movies, including “Dugo at Pagibig sa Kapirasong Lupa,” which earned her critical acclaim.

2. Family Life and Personal Relationships

Outside of her career, Corrales has had a colorful personal life. She was married to Spanish businessman Eddie Gutiérrez for 14 years, during which they had four children. After their divorce, she had a brief relationship with Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, which garnered media attention. She then married American businessman Raul Mitra. They have since divorced, but remain on good terms.

Corrales’ children have also pursued careers in entertainment. Her daughter Jackie Lou Blanco is an actress, while son Ramon Christopher is an actor and director. Her other two children, Janine and Rommel, are both involved in music production and have worked with their mother on various projects.

Despite her busy career and personal life, Corrales has managed to maintain a strong connection with her family. She often posts photos of her children and grandchildren on social media, showing her fans a glimpse into her personal life.

3. Age and Beauty Secrets

As of 2021, Pilita Corrales is 82 years old. Many people are amazed at how youthful she looks and wonder about her beauty secrets. Corrales has attributed her age-defying looks to a healthy lifestyle, saying that she eats a mostly plant-based diet and exercises regularly. She has also credited her long-time use of skincare products from a popular Filipino brand.

In addition to taking care of her physical health, Corrales maintains a positive mindset. In an interview with “Philippine Tatler,” she stated that “happiness is the most important factor for beauty.”

Corrales remains active in show business, performing in concerts and television shows. She also continues to mentor younger artists, passing down her knowledge and experience to the next generation.

4. Awards and Accomplishments

Throughout her career, Pilita Corrales has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the entertainment industry. In 2013, she was inducted into the Philippine Association of the Record Industry’s Hall of Fame, recognizing her as one of the country’s most successful recording artists.

Corrales has also been honored with lifetime achievement awards from various organizations, including the Aliw Awards Foundation and the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences. In addition, she has received recognition for her humanitarian work, including her support of children’s charities and disaster relief efforts.

Despite all these accomplishments, Corrales remains humble and gracious. She often expresses gratitude to her fans and supporters, saying that they are the reason for her success.


Pilita Corrales may be 82 years old, but she shows no signs of slowing down. Her enduring talent, beauty, and charisma have won over fans for generations, and she continues to inspire younger artists today. Through her music, acting, and philanthropic work, Corrales has made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry and the world at large.

As we look back on her long and illustrious career, we can only imagine what else this powerhouse performer has in store.

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