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Summary: “Race Across the World” is a popular travel documentary series that has been renewed for a second season. The show premiered in 2019 and became an instant success. The show follows several pairs of contestants as they race across multiple countries without using airplanes. In season two, the contestants start their journey in Mexico City and race to the southernmost point of South America, Ushuaia. Fans of the show can watch “Race Across the World” season 2 online for free.

1. The Format of Race Across the World

The format of “Race Across the World” involves several pairs of contestants racing across different countries without using airplanes. Contestants must rely on public transportation or ground transportation to travel from one location to another. Unlike other similar shows, such as “The Amazing Race,” contestants do not receive any credit cards, mobile phones, or GPS devices. They must use their resources wisely and interact with locals for help. Additionally, contestants are given a budget that they cannot exceed. This adds a unique challenge and creates an immersive experience for viewers watching the show.

“Race Across the World” is also unique because it places an emphasis on the relationship between contestants. Contestants are typically paired with a family member or friend, and the challenges of the race often test the strength of the relationship. This adds a layer of emotion and drama to the show that is not typically seen in other travel shows.

Overall, the format of “Race Across the World” has proven to be a success. The show has been renewed for a second season, and fans are excited to watch the new contestants embark on their journey.

2. The Locations of Race Across the World Season 2

The second season of “Race Across the World” takes place in Latin America. Contestants begin their journey in Mexico City and must travel to the southernmost point of South America, Ushuaia. Along the way, contestants will visit various countries, including Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile.

Each location presents its unique challenges and opportunities for contestants. For example, in Costa Rica, contestants must navigate through dense rainforests and make a raft to cross a river. In Colombia, contestants must find a way to cross impassable mountains, whereas in Peru, they must find an Incan trail and traverse a desert dune.

The locations of “Race Across the World” Season 2 offer a diverse range of landscapes and cultures, making it an exciting and immersive experience for viewers.

3. The Contestants of Race Across the World Season 2

The cast of “Race Across the World” Season 2 features five pairs of contestants. Each pair is unique and brings a different dynamic to the show. For example, one pair includes a father and son who are estranged and hope that the race will help them reconnect. Another pair consists of two brothers who haven’t traveled abroad before.

The contestants come from various backgrounds and professions and have different reasons for joining the race. Some want to prove something to themselves, while others want to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. Regardless of their reasons, all contestants share a hunger to win the race and complete the challenge.

The contestants of “Race Across the World” Season 2 are relatable and add a personal touch to the show. Their journeys are not only physical but also emotional, and viewers often develop a connection with them throughout the episodes.

4. The Reception of Race Across the World

“Race Across the World” has received widespread critical acclaim since its premiere. The show has been praised for its unique format, immersive experience, and personal touches. Critics have noted that the show is more than a typical travel documentary and offers a glimpse into the human experience.

“Race Across the World” has also gained a massive following on social media. Fans of the show often express their excitement and anticipation for new episodes. Additionally, fans often share their favorite moments and contestants from the show on various social media platforms.

Overall, “Race Across the World” has been universally well-received and has become a hit among viewers who are looking for an engaging and emotional travel experience.


“Race Across the World” is a unique and compelling travel documentary series that has gained a massive following since its premiere. The show’s format, diverse locations, relatable contestants, and critical acclaim have made it a success. Fans of the show can watch “Race Across the World” Season 2 online for free and join the new contestants on their journey through Latin America. As the contestants race through various challenges and obstacles, viewers will undoubtedly be captivated and inspired by their experiences.

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