Robert Downey Jr And His Cats

Summary: Robert Downey Jr, famously known for portraying the character of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a well-known advocate for animal rights and has been a proud cat parent to several felines over the years. His love for cats is evident through his social media posts and interactions with his furry buddies.

1. The Beginning of RDJ’s Love for Cats

Robert Downey Jr.’s tryst with cats began in 2009 when he was gifted a black and white kitten by his assistant. The kitten was later named Montgomery after the actor’s friend, whose nickname was Monty. RDJ took an instant liking towards the feline, and soon the two became inseparable. RDJ’s love for his cats is evident from his social media accounts, where he frequently posts pictures of his furry buddies.

Soon, his family adopted two more cats named Dobie and Jess, who were rescued from an alleyway. The cats were given a warm and loving home by the Downey family, and they continue to be a part of their lives to this day.

As a responsible pet parent, RDJ goes the extra mile to make sure his cats are well taken care of. In an interview, he revealed that he takes his cats to the vet regularly and even spends time training them. He also ensures that his cats eat a healthy diet and have plenty of toys to play with.

2. RDJ’s Cats on Social Media

Robert Downey Jr has a massive fan following on social media, and his fans love him for his quirky posts and witty captions. But what makes his social media accounts even more exciting is the presence of his beloved cats. RDJ frequently posts pictures and videos of his cats, giving his fans a glimpse into his personal life.

In one of his social media posts, RDJ shared a video of himself playing with his cats, and the internet couldn’t stop gushing over how adorable the felines were. In another post, he referred to his cats as his “furry children” and expressed his love for them. His fans adored the post and showered him with praises for being a cat parent.

RDJ once revealed that he likes to take his cats on walks in his backyard. He said that it’s a great way for him to bond with his cats and spend some quality time with them. Fans loved the idea and even started sharing pictures of themselves walking their cats in their backyards.

3. RDJ and His Cats’ Philanthropic Work

Robert Downey Jr is not just a loving pet parent but also a staunch animal rights activist. He has used his massive fan following and celebrity status to raise awareness about animal cruelty and encourage people to adopt pets from shelters. He often uses his social media accounts to promote adoption drives and animal welfare organizations.

In 2020, RDJ collaborated with Animal Haven, a non-profit animal shelter, to help find homes for cats and dogs in need. He shared posts on his social media accounts, encouraging his followers to adopt pets from Animal Haven. The campaign was a massive success, with several animals finding loving homes thanks to RDJ’s efforts.

RDJ’s cats have also been a part of his philanthropic work. In one instance, he shared a picture of his cat, Dobie, wearing an “Adopt Me” vest to promote the adoption of shelter animals. The picture garnered a lot of attention on social media, with several fans taking inspiration and adopting pets from shelters.

4. RDJ’s Cats – Montgomery, Jess, and Dobie

Robert Downey Jr.’s first cat, Montgomery, a black and white kitten, is the most popular among his feline friends. Montgomery is often seen sitting on RDJ’s lap or cuddling with him in bed. He is known to be a lazy cat who loves to sleep and enjoys being showered with love and attention.

Jess and Dobie, the other two cats in RDJ’s family, were adopted by his wife, Susan, from an alleyway. Jess, a fluffy orange tabby, is known to be a playful cat who loves playing hide and seek with her owners. Dobie, on the other hand, is a shy cat who likes to keep to himself. He can often be found hiding under the couch or sleeping in his cozy cat bed.

RDJ’s cats’ unique personalities and quirks make them all the more lovable, and fans can’t get enough of their adorable antics.


Robert Downey Jr’s love for cats is well-known and evident through his social media posts and interactions with his furry buddies. His cats – Montgomery, Dobie, and Jess – are an integral part of his personal life, and he has often used his celebrity status to raise awareness about animal welfare. RDJ’s love for cats serves as an inspiration to many, encouraging people to adopt pets from shelters and give them a loving and caring home.

Lastly, it’s not just Robert Downey Jr’s talent that makes him a star, but also his love for his feline friends that has endeared him to his fans worldwide.

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