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Summary: Robert Downey Jr. is a popular actor known for his iconic roles in several movies. Apart from his acting talents, he has also drawn attention for his love for Halloween and iconic costumes. This article highlights the exciting ways Robert Downey Jr. celebrates Halloween every year.

1. RDJ’s Love for Halloween

Robert Downey Jr. has always been passionate about Halloween and dressing up in costumes. His love for Halloween dates back to his childhood when he used to go trick or treating with his siblings. As he grew older, his passion for Halloween grew stronger, and he started investing in elaborate costumes.

He once stated in an interview that Halloween is his ‘favorite holy day,’ and his love for it has only intensified over the years. RDJ also loves to throw Halloween parties and goes all out with the spooky decorations and entertainment. Over the years, he has dressed up in a wide range of costumes, from Iron Man to Sherlock Holmes and even Wonder Woman.

His dedication to Halloween and his imaginative costumes have earned him a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most enthusiastic Halloween celebrators.

2. The Iconic 2014 Costume

In 2014, Robert Downey Jr. raised the bar with his creative Halloween costume. He dressed up as Dr. Dolittle, complete with a waxed mustache, top hat, white vest, and a long green coat. However, what made this costume truly memorable was the fact he rode in on a horse named Sheila.

The costume quickly became iconic and set a new standard for celebrity Halloween costumes. It also gave Roberts Downey Jr. the opportunity to showcase his love for animals, which was evident in his portrayal of Dr. Dolittle.

The 2014 costume demonstrated that RDJ’s commitment to Halloween was more than just about dressing up; it was a chance for him to showcase his creativity and love for fun.

3. Family Halloween Costumes

Robert Downey Jr. strongly believes in the value of family and goes out of his way to include them in his Halloween celebrations. He frequently involves his wife, Susan, and their two children in his Halloween costumes, and the results have been heartwarming.

For instance, In 2017, Robert Downey Jr. dressed up as a character from the 1968 film ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ while his wife Susan dressed up as a zombie bride. Their children, Exton and Avri, were dressed as a policeman and spider-girl, respectively.

The family coordinated costumes not only turned heads but also showed RDJ’s dedication to family and his willingness to incorporate them into his interests and passions.

4. His Influence on Others

Robert Downey Jr.’s passion for Halloween has also influenced his co-stars to embrace the holiday in their way. For example, during the filming of the first Iron Man movie, he introduced the cast and crew to his Halloween traditions, which included elaborate costumes and parties. As a result, many on the set developed an appreciation for the holiday and started following similar traditions.

RDJ also inspired Tom Holland, his co-star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to embrace Halloween. In 2019, Holland dressed up as Marty McFly from Back to the Future, a costume inspired by Robert Downey Jr.’s 2018 Halloween Costume.

RDJ’s influence on his colleagues shows that his love for Halloween extends far beyond himself. He enjoys sharing his traditions with others and believes it helps to foster a sense of community and togetherness.

5. RDJ’s Tips for Halloween

Robert Downey Jr. is an expert when it comes to Halloween, and he has shared several tips with his fans over the years. One of his biggest pieces of advice is to embrace individuality and express oneself through costumes.

He also recommends going all out when it comes to decorations and creating a spooky atmosphere. He believes that a good Halloween party should transport guests to another world, full of spooky surprises and fun activities.

Robert Downey Jr.’s tips show that his love for Halloween is not limited to costumes but goes beyond that, encompassing every aspect of the holiday and its traditions.


Robert Downey Jr. is a unique celebrity who loves to celebrate Halloween in his way. From elaborate costumes to throwing fun-filled parties, he has made Halloween one of his favorite holidays. His creativity, commitment, and love for Halloween have impressed many and inspired his colleagues and fans. Robert Downey Jr. encourages his fans to embrace their passions and create their traditions, something he has been able to achieve exceptionally well.

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